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    Not quite a slamma jamma

    ‘90s kids will definitely remember NBA Jam, the high-flying, crazy-dunking arcade basketball game that was all the rage among sports fans and nonbelievers alike. Today, NBA Playgrounds tries to recapture that magic. Let’s be clear. NBA Playgrounds is no NBA Jam. That, however, isn’t to say NBA Playgrounds is a...

  • News More Free Content Is on the Way to NBA Playgrounds

    500,000 units sold and counting

    NBA Playgrounds has been a somewhat divisive game for the Nintendo Switch. On one hand, it’s offered an enjoyable local multiplayer arcade experience that showcases the strengths of the Switch quite well, but it also suffered a bit from offering less features than other versions and these features have been slow to...

  • News The Nintendo Switch Update for NBA Playgrounds is Now Live

    Online matches! Gameplay tweaks! New players!

    It's fair to say that Nintendo Switch owners with a copy of NBA Playgrounds have had their patience tested, with the wait for the game's much-needed major update going on for longer than expected. Appeased in early June with the promise of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn for free, now the update for the game...