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  • News Mii Studio Provides An Easier Way To Create Miis

    Mii Two

    Nintendo's cartoon avatars, known as Miis have been around since the Nintendo Wii was unleashed back in 2006. Over the years we've seen Miis being used creatively in many games including Wii Sports, Miitopia, Miitomo, as well as StreetPass and Miiverse. Many had assumed that the writing was on the wall for Miis when Miiverse was...







  • News Miitomo Could Make This Year's Mii March The Biggest One Yet

    Perfect timing

    Mii March - AKA Mii Profile Picture Month - started life back in 2013 when a bunch of 3DS owners promoted their Miis in celebration of the console's second birthday. Since then, the movement - which involves changing your social media profile images to your Mii avatar - has grown in stature, and this year's event could be the biggest...


  • News Nintendo Wins Bizarre Patent Case in Defence of Mii Characters

    It was claimed it infringed patent for police sketch-artist data

    Nintendo battles its share of patent cases in the courts; some are serious challenges against major companies, and the big N has even lost a few over the years. A lot of the time, however, it sees off claims from smaller companies, particularly those that seemingly take ownership of...








  • Guide Transferring your Mii to the Wii U

    From Mii to U

    When the Wii first arrived in 2006, the ability to put yourself in the game with Miis was a novel addition that caught on quickly. These days most of us have grown quite attached to our own Miis, as evidenced by the number of them gracing the Nintendo Life forums and comment sections as user avatars. Thankfully, a new console doesn't...


  • News Add Nikki to Your Mii Collection

    No postage required

    Many 3DS owners will have now dabbled with Nintendo Letter Box — also known as Swapnote — and have become familiar with Nikki, the rather helpful guide. She pops up often to help scribblers learn about new features or templates and is an all-round friendly, charming Mii. If her regular visits aren't enough, you can now...


  • News There Are How Many Mii Characters Worldwide?

    Quite a lot, it turns out

    Wii launched five years ago, unleashing an army of cheery little caricatures called Mii characters. How many of the little folks have made it across the world though? Nearly 214 million, according to Nintendo, and that's not including Miis on 3DS. The staggering facts don't end there: Nintendo Europe claims that the number...


  • News Get Your Special Resident Evil Miis Now

    Straight from Tokyo Games Show

    Nintendo might have been a no-show at TGS this year, but there's still a neat little surprise for 3DS owners. Around the show floor, Capcom placed some special Resident Evil Revelations adverts, each bearing a QR code. Scan these with your 3DS and surprise — you get a special Mii with shiny gold trousers based on one...


  • News Nintendo Won't Keep Miis Cooped Up in the Plaza

    More 3DS software coming

    Seeing all those Mii characters shuffling about in the 3DS Mii Plaza with little to do might be a little disheartening to watch, which is why impending first-party software that will utilise players' Miis will be good news for many. At the financial results briefing for the first quarter of this fiscal year, an investor...


  • News Wii U Mii Characters Are the Same As On 3DS

    Although not 3D, obviously

    Having established Mii characters as the ever-changing face of Wii games, and now on 3DS too, it's no surprise Nintendo's bobble-headed avatars will also feature on Wii U. Just as there's something familiar about the console's name, so there will be with the Miis too — they'll be the same as on 3DS. Wii Sports Resort...


  • Guides Using QR Codes on Your Nintendo 3DS

    Sharing Miis is fun and easy

    Easily one of the more popular features of the Wii console was the ability to create personalised avatars called Mii characters. Nintendo has brought this unique feature over to the 3DS, with a host of new features that make creating and sharing them not only much easier, but more fun as well. We know that many of you...