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  • News U.S. Trademarks Suggest Guild02 eShop Localisations

    Hopefully, anyway

    In a recent Nintendo Direct focused on the Japanese market, Guild02 was confirmed for the region, a trio of eShop downloads — as opposed to the retail release of Guild01 — published by Level-5 and produced by some of the most respected names in the industry. With three of the four Guild01 titles arriving in the West as...

  • News More Hints At Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Localisation

    Just announce it already...

    We reported last week that the official Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Twitter account hinted at the game's localisation in the West. A follow up tweet has emerged; we have no doubt that fans who were eager to hear some news replied to the original tweet expressing their excitement for the game: It seems that there is...

  • News Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Twitter Account Hints At Localisation

    We'll take any hint thrown our way

    It's a regular occurence, especially with 3DS, to look at some attractive and promising titles and realise, with a heavy heart, that they may never make it outside of Japan. They're typically RPG titles, and they're often accompanied by gorgeous, imaginative visuals and special edition releases packed with...

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