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  • News Layton's Mystery Journey is Coming to 3DS in Japan on 20th July

    That reminds us of a puzzle!

    Update: In happy news, it's been confirmed that this is due for a Fall / Autumn in North America and Europe. Original Article: After flirting with the idea for a dramatic change of direction in the Layton series after its first six releases on DS, 3DS and some smart devices, Level-5 shifted towards a more subtle...


  • News Akira Tago Passes Away at Age 90

    The Professor Layton series' "Puzzle Master"

    The Professor Layton games form a popular portable series that's spanned across the DS and 3DS, famous for their puzzle-based gameplay. Though fans still await the coming of the mysterious 'Layton 7', the series recently lost a great contributor on its development side. It was recently reported that...






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    Review Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

    A final puzzle to savour

    The arrival of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is an occasion both exciting and tinged with sadness. For dedicated fans of the franchise across DS and 3DS there's the promise of hundreds of puzzles and a generous dosage of gentlemanly charm, offset by the knowledge that — for now at least — this is the last...


  • News Layton 7 is Announced, and Looks Like Quite a Departure

    It's all rather mysterious

    We already knew that, as it stands, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies is the last of the popular series starring the tea-loving puzzle master. Perhaps not a surprise as sales dropped away in Japan, particularly, with each release, Level-5 has nevertheless been clear that the brand may well continue in some form. The...


  • Talking Point The Future of Professor Layton

    A puzzle yet to be solved

    Thanks to its unique control interface and dual-screens, the DS generation has paved the way for some of the most diverse games ever committed to cartridge, perhaps none more so than the Professor Layton series. Ask a number of people ten years ago whether they would be interested in playing a game that tasks you with...