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  • News Naughty Hackers Have Homebrew Running On Switch Now

    But your mileage may vary

    It's not like the Switch has any shortage of amazing quality games, but that never stops homebrew enthusiasts from trying to get experimental with Nintendo hardware. After all, the Wii U and 3DS were eventually opened up to play homebrew, so it was only a matter of time before an exploit was found on the Switch. Over on...


  • News The Nintendo Virtual Boy Could Be Getting New Software

    Virtual insanity?

    The Nintendo Virtual Boy may have gone down in history as the company's grandest folly, but it's clear that there are many fans out there who feel it didn't get a fair crack of the whip.  Team VUEngine is a group of Virtual Boy enthusastis who want to resurrect the failed console with a series of new homebrew titles. A...

















  • News 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nintendo 3DS

    Can of worms, re-opening...

    In recent months we've been following the efforts of Smealum, a hacker who's been developing a homebrew channel for the 3DS. As it approached its final stages of development it was emphasized that although the channel will not run illegal 3DS ROMS, it will support homebrew games and apps. The fuzzy moral ground comes with...


  • News New Nintendo 3DS Delays Planned Homebrew Channel

    New hardware and upcoming update give pause for thought

    Recently we reported that a homebrew channel was cited as being in the final stages of development, leading us towards opening the can of worms that accompanies every Nintendo system. The hacker behind the planned app, smealum, stated that the app will not run illegal 3DS ROMS, but was planned...


  • News 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stages of Development

    Works in any region and on latest system update

    When it comes to console hacks and mods, there are plenty of grey areas and debates over ethical practices. Those aspects may come to the test soon on 3DS, if the coding efforts of Twitter user Smealum deliver as expected — the coder is currently working on the later stages of a functional homebrew...


  • News High Court Outlaws Flash Carts in UK

    Piracy? But that's not all they R4!

    The R4 flash cart has been the bane of Nintendo's handheld existence for years now, with the device widely being used to play illegally downloaded DS ROMs. Rampant piracy has made it especially difficult for third-party developers to reach projected sales marks, and is also the reason non-Japanese-speaking gamers...


  • News Brand New NES Platformer Released

    Get 'em while they're...uh gone.

    For those who don't know, Sivak Games has released a brand new NES platformer via RetroZone which has completely sold out its initial launch quantity almost immediately after being listed for sale. Rest assured, RetroZone has stated that more carts are being produced and will be available for sale on the site...



  • News Use Your DS For Midi?

    Homebrew scene comes up with another clever use of the DS interface, a MIDI controller!

    Joystiq have reported that a small group of homebrew developers (Tobias "0xtob" Weyand and Collin "TheRain" Meyer) in Germany are currently developed a system dubbed "DS Midi WiFi" that allows the DS to exchange MIDI data with a PC. "The exchange works both ways, so users can tap out tunes on their touch..