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  • News Hey, Come On And Get Your Very Own Terry Bogard Hat

    Just like Smash Ultimate's newest star

    If you're feeling the Terry Bogard hype after yesterday's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation and the SNK star's first day in the game, why not treat yourself to a replica hat, allowing you to be just like your new favourite fighter on the big screen? This charming piece of Fatal Fury

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

    The Real McCoy

    With a name like Real Bout Fatal Fury Special you might think that the game is an update of something else from the series, much like how Fatal Fury Special was the second game with extra bits. This, however, is its own thing, but although it's not an update of either of the other Real Bout games (and Real Bout 2 actually followed...

  • News Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Comes Out Fighting On Switch Next Week

    Calling out all special wolves

    HAMSTER's admirable Neo Geo streak returns next week with Real Bout Fatal Fury Special showing up in the Switch eShop on April 19th. In case you're wondering what makes this one 'Special', we are here for you. Along with the entire roster of the original Real Bout Fatal Fury, the game sees the return of fan...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Real Bout Fatal Fury

    Keeping it real

    The third Fatal Fury game may have been subtitled 'Road To The Final Victory' but the Legend of the Hungry Wolf was far from over. The first game to follow that third instalment (released in the same year, in fact) was Real Bout Fatal Fury, a game that feels in part like an upgraded Fatal Fury 3. Using the same three-plane fighting...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Fatal Fury 2

    Not quite Special enough

    Back in the day, the power of the Neo Geo meant that SNK was the first publisher to release home console games that were over 100 Mb in size (that’s megabits, so around 12.5 MB). It commemorated this by launching the 100-Mega Shock series, which basically involved slapping a lovely splash screen at the start of any game...

  • News Fatal Fury Special Is Next Week’s ACA Neo Geo Game

    Yet another excellent fighter for the Switch eShop?

    The ACA Neo Geo game series just keeps ticking right along, faithfully increasing in volume with each passing week; at this rate, it feels like we’ll have the entire console’s library available. For those of you that are into old school fighters, this coming week’s new offering will no doubt...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Fatal Fury

    Hungry like the wolf

    While SNK's premier fighting game series is King of Fighters, the company tested the waters of the one-on-one combat genre with 1991's Fatal Fury, a title designed by none other than Takashi Nishiyama, the man behind Capcom's original 1987 Street Fighter. Street Fighter II was the game which kickstarted interest in this style of...

  • News Fatal Fury Punches Onto The Switch eShop Next Week

    The original SNK arcade brawler

    We brought you the news that Over Top is headed to the Neo Geo roster on the Switch eShop only this morning, but now the European eShop's Coming Soon page has been refreshed and we can see that Fatal Fury will be the Neo Geo game for next week. It will cost £6.29 and be available for download on the 20th April; the...

  • Video What if... Smash Bros. Had Announcers From Other Fighting Games?

    Flawless Victory!

    We still haven't got enough of Smash Bros. yet, but playing the game relentlessly day after day has had us hankering for revisiting old fighting games. Then, a crazy thought entered our brains — what if the cheesy Smash Bros. announcer was replaced with those of other famous brawlers? The result of this incredibly strange train...