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  • News Fast RMX Version 1.2 Is Now Live

    Time Attack! Online friend matches!

    Fast RMX was one of the stand out titles in the Nintendo Switch launch line up, bringing high-speed, futuristic racing to fill in a gap left behind by a certain dormant Nintendo franchise. As a port of the Wii U's excellent Fast Racing NEO, this enhanced edition brings all the DLC and some additional stages, along...

  • News The FAST RMX Update Has Almost Crossed the Finish Line

    Arrives on 18th/19th April

    FAST RMX has already been an early stand-out on the Switch eShop, delivering high quality futuristic racing and also showcasing the potential graphical grunt the system has over its predecessor. Shin'en Multimedia has been working on an update to add a bit more content, too, and it's almost ready. It'll bring two headline...


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    Review Fast RMX

    FAST just got BETTER

    FAST RMX was a lovely surprise for the launch of the Switch, and one that this reviewer was very excited for. With a number in our team having played FAST Racing NEO to death on the Wii U, we were intrigued by Shin'en's promises of 1080p and 60fps performance. But could it live up to these expectations? There's only one way to...

  • News There's an Option in FAST RMX that Makes the Whole Game Sharper

    Soft or sharp, what's your flavour?

    FAST RMX is definitely one of the best looking games in the Nintendo Switch's launch line-up. The talented team at Shin'en Multimedia have pushed the Switch to its limits to make the game run at a silky smooth 1080p / 60FPS when docked in TV mode. However, some visual aficionados may find the game visuals to be...

  • News FAST RMX Developer is Already Working on an Update for the Switch Launch Title

    90 Time Attack trials & Friend Support coming soon

    Shin'en Multimedia, developer of Switch launch game FAST RMX, has announced that it's already well underway with the first update to the futuristic racer. Serving as a remix (with extra content) to FAST Racing NEO (a popular eShop title released on the Wii U), the newest iteration of the supersonic...

  • News The FAST RMX File Size Won't Stop You From Reaching the Podium on Nintendo Switch

    Surround sound is also a feature in TV mode

    FAST RMX will be among the most sought after Switch eShop downloads on 3rd March, and Shin'en has now shared some details with us to prove that it should be easy for everyone to enjoy it. Continuing with the studio's past focus on minimising file size to avoid filling up players' available system memory,...