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  • Competition Winner Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    Time for the paperwork

    We've had a number of our UK readers tweeting us and emailing us in the past few days asking for the final verdict on the winners of our Paper Mario: Sticker Star competition, keen to know which talented letter writers had walked away with the prizes. This contest was limited to 100 entrants and we received a lot of letters...


  • Competition Winners Toki Tori - Game Boy Color Giveaway

    Drumroll, please...

    Last week we ran a competition with our pals at Two Tribes that invited creativity and crazy ideas, and you all delivered. Rather than egg you on — we're sorry — let's get to it. The overall winner gets a sealed copy of Toki Tori for Game Boy Color, a download code for the 3DS Virtual Console version and a Toki Tori t-shirt...




  • Competition Winners 3DS & 4 Ubisoft Games (UK)

    Do'ya feel lucky, punk? Well, do'ya?

    To celebrate the launch of Nintendo's record-breaking 3DS handheld we teamed up with our PALs at Ubisoft with a very tasty competition with a total prize value of almost £1,000. We had well over 500 entries, and the three winners drawn from our special Competition-tron 3000™ AI computer system were... nintendoduffin


  • Competition Winners Signed Monster Tale and Soundtrack

    Were you the lucky one?

    We recently gave you the chance to win a signed copy of Monster Tale and soundtrack, and we were overwhelmed by the response, with countless entries flooding into the Nintendo Life Twitter account. We tossed all the qualifying entrants into an empty 3DS box and drew a single winning name... Congratulations to NRLegge! Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and stay..




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