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  • News Kill la Kill Killing It On Switch Next Year

    Killing us softly

    We've got some unexpected excellent news as Arc System Works has revealed that Kill la Kill: The Game -IF-, its latest venture into the world of anime fighting games, is making the jump to the Nintendo Switch. While there is still no confirmation that this will be released in the West, this news hopefully means we will not have to...

  • News August Sees Triple Flavoured Kunio Super Famicom Release

    Baseball, dodgeball and puzzle variety on a single cartridge

    Great news if you're a fan of Kunio and happen to be looking to expand your Super Famicom cartridge collection. A recent Amazon Japan listing has revealed what can be roughly translated as 'Kunio's Triple Play Replica Package', a complete Super Famicom boxed cartridge that brings...

  • News Arc System Works Reveals Kill La Kill The Game Is In Development, Due Out 2019

    Will it make the Switch?

    Arc System Works in partnership with APLUS Games have revealed Kill la Kill the Game will be released next year. Described as a "battle action" title for up to two players, the exact platforms the game will be available on have not yet been announced. More details about the title based on Studio Trigger's 2013 series will...

  • News Arc System Works Is Reviving The Jake Hunter Series On Nintendo 3DS

    "Ghost of the Dusk" will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise

    Arc System Works has announced that it will be releasing new instalments in the Jake Hunter adventure series - known in Japan as Tantei Jingūji Saburō. Data East kicked off the series back in 1987 on the Famicom Disk System, but it didn't make its western debut until more...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Swords & Darkness

    Alone in the darkness

    Side-scrolling hack and slash games fall into a tricky genre. It's such a simple concept at its core, but it can easily be ruined by something as basic as poor controls or lack of originality. Swords & Darkness, the latest in the genre to make its way to the 3DS eShop, is an unfortunate example of what happens when little...

  • News Arc System Works Keen to Develop 3DS Titles With Technos Japan IPs

    Yes, we'd love a new Double Dragon or Kunio-kun game

    Arc System Works is likely to be a familiar name to eShop aficionados, in particular, though the publisher hasn't always knocked it out of the park with its own games. It's picked up some popular franchise rights, however, including those of Technos Japan's titles. What brands does this...

  • News Arc System Works Now Owns The Rights To All Of Technos Japan's Titles

    Double Dragon, Super Dodge Ball, River City Ransom and Kunio-kun snapped up

    It has been revealed today that Arc System Works has acquired all of the rights to Technos Japan's back catalogue. This includes hits such as Double Dragon, the Kunio-kun series and Super Dodge Ball. Double Dragon is one of the most famous fighting game franchises in the...

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    3DS eShop

    Review BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma

    Small brawl

    There's always excitement in the air when a new fighting game hits the streets. These days, especially with the upcoming release of Nintendo's premier brawler, it's easy for lesser-known releases to get swept under the rug. Some fighting franchises are big among niche groups of gamers, but this means that great titles often get...

  • First Impressions Stardust Amazoness

    Arc System Works swaps fighting for dungeon-crawling in this saucy RPG

    Arc System Works may be famous for the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series of fighting games, but the company is broadening its horizons somewhat with dungeon-crawling 3DS RPG Stardust Amazoness. Starring an all-female cast trapped in a futuristic prison complex, the game showcases...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Family Table Tennis 3D

    Family, friendly - fun?

    After developing something of an unenviable reputation on WiiWare, Arc System Works' Family series of sports games has been reborn as a dependably decent option on the 3DS' eShop. Following on from Family Tennis 3D and Family Kart 3D, Family Table Tennis 3D is the latest in the line, and while it isn't quite up to the...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Deer Hunting King

    Oh, dear

    Is there something about the 3DS that screams out to developers that it just might be the ideal platform for arcade shooters? Maybe it’s the 3D effect that adds simulated depth to in-game environments, or maybe it’s the touchscreen which is seemingly built for aiming a crosshair? Whatever the case may be, the 3DS has seen at least a...

  • News Arc Style: Soccer!! 3D Shoots, Scores on 29th March

    3D dribbling

    Arc System Works' Arc Style: Soccer!! 3D is two weeks away from slotting its first effort past the eShop goalkeeper. Or, in English, the 3D soccer game will hit the 3DS eShop in North America on 29th March. The sporty download will set you back $6.99 and includes the ability to customise players and kits, use your own photograph for a...

  • News Hunting King is an Augmented Reality eShop Shooter

    Oh deer

    The 3DS comes with a few augmented reality games built-in, but Arc System Works is going one better than arrows and boards: it's going hunting. Hunting King hits the eShop in Japan next week for 500 Yen (£4.00/$6.50/€4.75), and while it uses computer-generated backdrops as you try to shoot deer and secret animals, you can also engage its...

  • Feature A Beginner's Guide to the World of BlazBlue

    Welcome, stranger

    Released in North America a few months ago, today marks the European release of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 on 3DS, the fighting series' first ever appearance on a Nintendo console (well, there was BlayzBloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale, but that doesn't really count.) But what exactly is BlazBlue? With a pretty decent select...

  • News BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 Gets Manga Edition in Europe

    Extremely limited edition

    How many copies would constitute a limited edition print run? 50,000? 5,000? How about 200? That's the number of copies Arc System Works Europe is printing of the BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 Manga Edition when it's launched on 4th November 2011. The extremely limited edition comes with the BlazBlue: Phase Zero Prologue manga comic, the first time it's left Japan, detailing..

  • News Guilty Gear Spin-Off Known as Towel Slappin' Pro-Jumper in North America

    Quirky platformer now rated by the ESRB

    Back in August, we reported on the Japanese release of the Guilty Gear spin-off title Arc Style: Furo Jump!! Guilty Gear Gaiden!?, and if this quirky DSiWare title caught your interest then you're in luck as the game has been passed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Known in North America as Towel...

  • News New River City Title May Appear on Consoles

    Employee's remark sparks speculation

    A comment from a representative of Arc Systems Works hinted at an appearance of a Kunio game coming to consoles in the future: I often find myself wanting to play Kunio games on TV, like I used to as a child, but there’s been a rumour going around the office that a secret project has been launched, so although...

  • News New Golf Game Coming To Japanese WiiWare Next Week

    Arc System Works is bringing out what appears to be the sole new WiiWare release on the Japanese service next Tuesday, a game centred around golf putting called Okiraku Pata-Gorufu (Family Golf Putter). You're able to choose from four characters (a cute anime family rendered in cel-animation style) and try to putt your ball into a series of holes doing various trick shots. Wiimote control only with use of a simple arm swing after setting shot power to get the ball rolling appears to be the interface. The game will be 500 points, we expect Aksys Games will publish this in North America and Europe sometime later this year.


  • News Family Glide Hockey Coming To WiiWare

    Aksys Games has announced yet another unique sports title they have coming to the WiiWare service as the follow-up to their first WiiWare offering Family Table Tennis. Family Glide Hockey brings all the fun of air hockey to WiiWare complete with 4 player action and a wealth of engaging mini-games.

    Below is the official press release from Aksys Games regarding the announcement, as well as a few key..

  • News Slot Car Racing Coming To Japanese WiiWare

    Well it looks like the folks who brought us Family Table Tennis have been quite busy lately cooking up several new titles for Nintendo's WiiWare service. We just recently brought you news about their new mini-golf title Okiraku Putter Golf and now news of yet another title has been announced called Slot Car Racing.

    Slot Car Racing is set for release...

  • News Okiraku Putter Golf Coming To Japanese WiiWare

    It seems that the Arc System Works, the creators of Family Table Tennis have another game heading to the WiiWare service soon. Okiraku Putter Golf has just been announced for WiiWare and is due out for release in Japan before the end of 2008 at the bargain price of only 500 Wii Points.

    Not much information was released alongside this announcement other than the fact that it will make use of the Wii..