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  • Random Pokémon GO Costs WWE Tag Team A Win

    No luchador Pikachu here

    We've already reported on the fact that Pokémon GO has reached the level of awareness that permits it a mention during a WWE broadcast, and now the popular app is making its presence felt once more, this time to the detriment of one of the organisation's tag teams, The Shining Stars. During the team's match against Enzo...

  • Random Even The WWE Isn't Safe From Pokémon GO Fever

    Xavier Woods drops the P-Bomb (and we don't mean Power)

    We recently reported on the fact that Pokémon GO has reached the level of awareness that it's being parodied by The Simpsons, and today we've got another example of the app's power to penetrate the consciousness of the mainstream media. In short, it got a mention during a WWE broadcast, which...


  • Feature Wrestling On The Cube: A Complete History

    From WWE to Ultimate Muscle, and Beyond

    Ah, wrestling… one of our oldest guilty pleasures. That peculiar sport / reality show / soap opera is filled with ups and downs and this pattern is somewhat mirrored by its video game counterparts. After dusting off the trusty GameCube and taking a look at the extensive number of wrestling games of its...


  • Feature The Best Pro Wrestling Games That the N64 Has to Offer

    We're tapping in, not out.

    The thought of a modern pro wrestling game these days is often coupled with an eye-roller. They've become as iterative as most sports games released on an annual basis - such as FIFA and Madden - but certainly have far less to offer than the examples just mentioned. What we're left with is a game that's ever-so-slightly...



  • News WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U

    A low blow

    Back in February Take-Two snapped up the WWE license after the demise of THQ and duly filed it under its 2K brand of sports titles. During its financial briefing, 2K Sports announced a 29th October release date for WWE 2K14 in North America, though unfortunately it won't be showing up on Wii U as Eurogamer has been informed it's only...


  • News Take-Two Snaps Up WWE Licence

    Grappling with a new publisher

    Back in January, the unfortunate demise of THQ became complete as several developers swooped in to purchase its assets at auction. As a result Relic, the developer of Company of Heroes, is now owned by SEGA, THQ Montreal is under Ubisoft's wing and Volition, the studio behind the Saint's Row franchise, has become a...