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  • News Yoshi's Woolly World Cuddles Up to Fourth Spot in the UK Charts

    Described as a 'great start' by Chart-Track

    Last week brought two major new retail releases in the UK - Batman: Arkham Knight was always an absolute certainty to take top spot in the country's charts, but it was the launch of the fantastic Wii U platformer Yoshi's Woolly World that was of most interest to Nintendo fans. The pleasing news is that...

  • News Splatoon Holds Its Territory in the UK Charts

    Still battling it out in the top 10

    Splatoon's arrival at the end of May certainly brought some hype to the Wii U, and early chart results were certainly positive for the title. As it approaches one month on the market, however, we're left to wonder how it'll fare over the summer months. It's holding its momentum fairly well, it seems. Still...

  • News Splatoon Successfully Inks Top 10 Territory in UK Charts

    LEGO Jurassic World stomps into second spot

    Splatoon has had a positive impact for Nintendo in assorted sales charts, including the often tricky UK market. The shooter had a strong début in second place at launch in the country, while it held onto a top 5 spot in its second week. The latest results are in, and in its third week it's secured 8th...

  • News Splatoon Holds Onto Top 5 Territory in the UK Charts

    Only trailing The Witcher 3 in the single format battle

    Following its high-profile launch we shared the news that Splatoon secured second place in the UK charts on début, a strong effort from the Wii U exclusive. In positive news it's held a top five position in its second week, and that's despite a 50% drop on launch sales (a fall off that's...

  • News Nintendo UK Marketing Boss Shelly Pearce Leaves After 17 Years

    Joining Anki Europe as Senior Marketing Manager

    Nintendo's UK Marketing and PR Director Shelly Pearce has parted company with the firm after 17 years, it has been revealed today. Pearce is joining Anki Europe as Senior Marketing Director. Anki makes Anki Drive - which is a bit like Scalextric, but you control the car using your a smartphone...

  • News Splatoon Grabs Second Place in UK Chart Début

    Biggest ever new IP launch on Wii U

    Splatoon has just had its first big weekend on Wii U, with plenty of players hitting the online servers to splat the ground and each other with ink. It's a new IP that's had a fairly substantial marketing campaign, too, so the question has been whether all of that promotional activity would pay off at launch. We...







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