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  • News Swapnote Update Available For Download On North American 3DS Consoles

    Euro Letter Box update still AWOL, though

    Nintendo has updated its Swapnote application for the 3DS console. The update is available now and weighs in at a modest 81 data blocks, so it shouldn't take long to download. To install the new version of the app, you first must locate it in the 3DS eShop and then click the "To Update Screen" option. The...


  • Feature The Evolving Role of Swapnote

    More than just a letter box

    Nintendo Letter Box, also known by the catchier title of Swapnote in North America, filled a notable gap in the 3DS’ functionality when it was launched in late December last year. When the handheld launched various features were bare-bone or missing, and one frustrating omission was the lack of any meaningful way to...