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News: Nintendo Looking to "Re-energize" Game Market

Nintendo Looking to "Re-energize" Game Market

Could a slowing market and a boost in "core" game sales have us swimming in great releases this year?

Wii and DS sales are slowing down in Japan causing an uncomfortable disturbance in the force that is Nintendo's cash flow. This has also highlighted a boost in “hardcore” game sales there. Does this mean that to get the more “hardcore” titles here in the NA and EU regions we need to just..

News: PS3 Outsells the Wii in Japan

PS3 Outsells the Wii in Japan

But is Nintendo concerned?

The answer is "not particularly." Nintendo responded to Sony's Playstation 3 outselling the Wii by just under 50,000 units in Japan in March by saying "it is still the first few months of the year when sales are slow for the industry" and that the plan of action is "to line up strong software to support hardware sales in the second half of the..

News: Reggie Clarifies: There is No "Magic Number."

Reggie Clarifies: There is No "Magic Number."

One million copies sold to make a profit sounds ridiculous? It is!

Earlier it was noted that in order for a Wii title to actually make a profit, one million copies of that title must be sold, and as many were quick to point out, that number just didn't seem right. Well, according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, it isn't. Reggie says "the fact is, there's no single magic..

News: Okami Price Slashed at Capcom Store

Okami Price Slashed at Capcom Store

Twice the Zelda for half the price!

Capcom's epic action-adventure game Okami has received a significant price-cut on Capcom US' online store. Developed by Clover Studios (God Hand, Viewtiful Joe) Okami combines Zelda-esque action-adventure game-play with the style and setting of classic Japanese mythology. Using the Celesital Brush, players can draw symbols and objects on the screen via the..

News: Reggie: Wii Games Must Sell a Million to Make a Profit

Reggie: Wii Games Must Sell a Million to Make a Profit

That’s a lot of copies, how many have made the cut?

Unfortunately, not that many. In fact, most games typically sell less than 150,000 copies according to a New York Times article, where Nintendo of America’s head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime shared this interesting information. Fils-Aime said “[one million titles] was a lower threshold than for the other consoles,” and to make that number..

News: House Of The Dead: Overkill shifts 45k units in February

House Of The Dead: Overkill shifts 45k units in February

Sega gave us bullets, Wii owners fire blanks.

Sega's over-the-top rail shooter House Of The Dead: Overkill has managed to sell a modest 45k copies across America in the month of February, according to market research firm NPD Group. NPD analyst Anita Frazier states that Overkill, which saw release on February 10, sat at around the 50th spot on the list of the month's 100 biggest selling SKUs. On..

News: Nintendo Lets You Know Who Is The Daddy

Nintendo Lets You Know Who Is The Daddy

Wii and DS sales continue to dominate in February. Yes, they still print money!

This past February, Nintendo sure felt the love by the consumers. Selling over seven hundred fifty thousand Wiis, a seventy-four percent increase over the Wii’s 2008 February. The DS reached slightly above five hundred eighty handhelds. Following the ambiguous duo is the Xbox 360 with almost four hundred thousand..

News: Miyamoto Wants You Outside. Now!

Miyamoto Wants You Outside. Now!

Talking with the pretentious Times newspaper, video gaming "Zeus" Miyamoto-san spoke of how "weight-em-down" (please make this phrase catch on) Wii Fit has caused a social revolution in Japan.

The Nintendo veteran hopes that the game will do the same thing in the UK and Europe. I just hope the success of the game means I'll see less fat people. "In Japanese households suddenly new..

News: No Wii Price Cuts!

No Wii Price Cuts!

Seriously, with sales figures like that can you honestly say you expected Nintendo to cut the price of anything?

In a meeting with a bunch of analyst-boffin types, Nintendo God (read: president) presented Nintendo's projected hardware sales with the consoles markup (both Wii and DS) staying at their current, full asking price. To be honest we can't see why Nintendo would drop the price of either..

News: Oh Noez! Ninjabread Man Is Coming To The TV!

Oh Noez! Ninjabread Man Is Coming To The TV!

Data Design Digital has today revealed plans of their new television advertising campaign in Europe.

The campaign aimed to promote the Popcorn Arcade series will run throughout Easter showcasing their lineup of "affordable" (£19.99) Wii games. Included in the adverts will be: Kawasaki Quad Bikes Mini Desktop Racing Ninjabread Man Billy Wizard and more. The adverts will run on the kids..

News: Microsoft Are Unaware Of The Game Wii Fit

Microsoft Are Unaware Of The Game Wii Fit

Microsoft's corporate Vice President Shane Kim (what a cool name?) thinks that this generations console war winner has been called too early.

In an interview with New York Times Shane said: "The generation has a long way to go so it's way too early to declare a winner," he told the paper. "I remember a couple of weeks ago, a lot of people were predicting that the Patriots would win..

News: A(nother) 2008 Nintendo Prediction...

A(nother) 2008 Nintendo Prediction...

... this time from EA (the uber-duper-mega publisher) who think Nintendo will top the sales war in North America and Europe this year.

EA estimate that a total of 12-14 million Wii's will be sold in the two regions alone during 2008. This is a significantly stronger estimate than the predicted sales of the PS3 at 9.5-11.5 million and XBOX 360 at 6-8 million. According to EA it is in Europe that the..

News: Ozone's Christmas Wii Swindle

Ozone's Christmas Wii Swindle

BBC consumer-rights show Watchdog today revealed details of a Wii related scam which misled upto 2,500 people in the UK to think they'd have a Wii in time for Christmas.

So when Ozone Electronics, a company based in Oldham, guaranteed delivery of the console for the middle of December, hundreds of people placed an order, paid their money and waited. Their payment was taken but their Wii consoles..