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News: DS Market Dominance

DS Market Dominance

Nintendo celebrate the success of the Nintendo DS in the United States helping the industry grow over 11% this year.

According to Nintendo the DS is reaching a new gaming audience of both women and older generations with such games like those featured in the "Touch! Generations" series of games. "Through September's end, the U.S. industry overall shows revenue growth of 11 percent when..

News: Wii Is AiLive

Wii Is AiLive

Nintendo announces a partnership with American AI company AiLive to bring Wii developers a very useful piece of motion capture software.

Ever wondered how the games developers programed the Wii mote to recognise your hands movement? Turns out, they don't have to! Nintendo have partnered with AiLive's "LiveMove" software that teaches the Wii what to look for in a particular movement. "The Wii..

News: Miyamoto Says The Wii Hardware Is Basically A GC

Miyamoto Says The Wii Hardware Is Basically A GC

Shigeru Miyamoto recently made a very interesting statement, in a recent interview with, he said that Nintendo's upcoming gaming system is nothing more than an upgraded Gamecube.

"The hardware is basically a Gamecube. We've upgraded our development tools to new versions but, you can still use Gamecube programs as they are. With that in mind, I thought we could remake Gamecube titles..

News: Cube Games Region Locked On Wii

Cube Games Region Locked On Wii

Eurogamer's recently had the chance to speak to Nintendo UK about some more of the specifics relating to the region locking of the Wii.

A nintendo spokesperson has told Eurogamer that the Wii will be region locked when playing GCN games. So if you imported your GCN games, you will have to get an imported Wii to play them. Nintendo also confirmed that the Virtual Console will in fact have region..

News: Cardboard DS Boxes

Cardboard DS Boxes

Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg get hit by plastic case shortage.

The three northern European countries have had a small number of first party titles switched to cardboard cases due to the shortage of normal plastic ones! "A statement from officials at Nintendo of Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) indicates that a shortage in plastic cases means that the packaging for a..

News: Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007

Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007

Good news for early adopters; The Nintendo Wiis Opera web browser will be free to download until June 2007.

A press released by Opera today has stated that the Wii web browser will be free to download until June 2007. The browser will not cost a thing once downloaded. After that you will be required to use up your Wii points to download the browser...

News: Sony Cuts The Price Of Playstation 3

Sony Cuts The Price Of Playstation 3

Sony just announced that their upcoming home console Playstation 3, will be 20% cheaper than expected when they release it In Japan later this year.

The competition in the highly anticipated console war is undoubtly heating up, and it's getting worse, as Sony just announced that the Japanese version of their console will get a price cut. The decision was made after several complains from both..

News: 6 Million DS Units Sold In Europe

6 Million DS Units Sold In Europe

Since it's release back in March 2005, the Nintendo DS has sold a total of 6 million units in Europe, proving that Europe is indeed an important market, despite the fact that most publishers and developers seems to ignore us.

A good example of this is the next generation consoles, the Wii will be launched later and more expansive in Europe than in the rest of the world, but of course, this is..

News: Gamecube Outsells Xbox 360 In Japan

Gamecube Outsells Xbox 360 In Japan

By now, most people know that the Xbox 360 isn't doing that good over in Japan, in fact it's doing terrible. But still, Enterbrain's marketing data service surprised me.

According to Enterbrain, Microsoft's newest console has sold a total of 75,837 units so far this year, while the Nintendo Gamecube has sold 77,124. Both numbers are for Japan, obviously. Yeah, that's' right, Microsoft's flagship,..

News: Nintendo GC 2006 Conference

Nintendo GC 2006 Conference

Nintendo reveal very little at this years Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

Bernd Fakesch took on the role of Nintendo VIP for today's media briefing, whilst the majority of the conference was showing video reels of existing games for both Wii and DS, there were a couple of announcements. Mario Strikers Charged (Wii): A new version of the popular Gamecube title Super Mario Strikers (aka Mario..

News: Frontline Sadness Deal

Frontline Sadness Deal

Frontline Studios accounce a co-production agreement with Nibris. picked up on the press release that has appeared on the Frontline Studios website, and reads the following: "FRONTLINE Studios announced today that it has signed a co-production agreement with Nibris , the author of the highly anticipated Sadness game for the Wii platform. FRONTLINE and Nibris have successfully..

News: Eidos Boss Expects Wii Success

Eidos Boss Expects Wii Success

Lara Croft know-it-all Ian Livingstone has suggested that Nintendo's approach is very interesting and could prove very successful.

This came in an interview with, the Eidos "product acquisition director" was quizzed about the company's support for the three major players in the imminent console war. "The beauty about being an independent publisher is that you can support any..

News: Game Development Too Expensive?

Game Development Too Expensive?

Revolution Software MD Charles Cecil suggests that game development budgets are getting too big. conducted an interview with Cecil who suggests companies such as EA are "sacrificing creativity for the sake of efficiency." "The bigger developers talk about games costing tens of millions of dollars; it seems patently obvious to me that they don't need to cost that much, unless,..

News: Super Mario War

Super Mario War

Mutiplayer fan-made Mario game surfaces on Interweb site,

The game which seems to be available for PC and Linux has also been published with its entire source code available for download. The creators claim that the game is in tribute to the great giant N in the sky, Nintendo. "Super Mario War is a Super Mario multiplayer game...

News: Nintendo & Microsoft Sued Over Patent Violation

Nintendo & Microsoft Sued Over Patent Violation

US company Anascape are attempting to sue both gaming giants, claiming patent infringements on both suppliers controllers.

This isn't the first patent violation case in the games industry and surely won't be the last. The aim of the company claim is to seek damages and maybe even stop the companies using this technology in future. "A case in Texas district court, started by Anascape, Ltd.,..

News: Why The DS Beat The PSP

Why The DS Beat The PSP

Life In Tech blogger analyzes the success of the DS compared to its flashy brother, the PSP.

The article posted last week tells the tale of a simple gamer, whom bought both DS and PSP and how his thoughts about the subject when from: "When I was looking for a portable gaming system the Nintendo DS was out of the question; It was a kid's toy and nothing more." All the way to: Now, nearly..

News: Nintendo Commits To E3 2007

Nintendo Commits To E3 2007

Nintendo emerge as the first major player to commit to next years "downsized" E3 media festival.

News comes pretty quickly whenever people talk about E3, maybe thats the reason for its downsizing. It seems everything has settled down and the expo is back on track, only missing its large show floor. Nintendo have confirmed there attendance for the show next year, after all whats E3 without a Reggie..

News: Wii Games Under $50

Wii Games Under $50

According to Electronic Arts, Nintendo stated that Wii games should be priced no higher than $50

Nintendo fans can already rest peacefully as we know the Wii console won't cost anything near a PS3 or Xbox 360. But what about games? Will they be over priced to compenstate the cheaper system price? Apparently not. Reported by earlier today, EA have stated that Nintendo themselves..

News: E3 No More, ESA Confirms Changes

E3 No More, ESA Confirms Changes receive confirmation that E3 is to have radical change in 2007, no longer a single "Mega Show".

The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) president Doug Lowenstein has today confirmed that the E3 Expo will no longer continue to be the biggest event in the games industry calendar. Instead it will focus on a "more intimate event" that is still in planning. "The world of..

News: E3, But Not As We Know It?

E3, But Not As We Know It? report that changes are afoot with E3 as downsizing rumours are confirmed.

According to UK site "senior industry sources" have confirmed that the E3 expo will return in a different form next year", this comes "following a unanimous vote by US publishers". "This year, many of the publishers who hold seats on the board requested that an alternative be found to..