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News: WiiWare Threshold Is Really About Quality Control

WiiWare Threshold Is Really About Quality Control

It’s all about stomping down on shovelware declares mysterious WiiWare developer.

Following this morning’s revelation about WiiWare sales targets as told to Kotaku the mysterious NDA breaking WiiWare developer has contacted Eurogamer in order to set the record straight: I'm concerned this recent threshold news is generating an artificially negative wave of press. The spirit of the threshold..

News: WiiWare Sales Targets: More Details Emerge

WiiWare Sales Targets: More Details Emerge

Solid figures quoted by WiiWare developer

We recently heard about Nintendo’s sales targets for WiiWare games, and it didn’t make particularly pretty reading if you’re a developer. In a new twist, Kotaku has apparently been contacted by a developer “familiar with the subject” and they’ve given what appear to be fairly solid numbers: North America If game is over 16MB - 6,000 unitsIf..

News: Sony: PSP is Better Than The DSi

Sony: PSP is Better Than The DSi

Wow, that was unexpected

You can’t beat a good console war, but with Nintendo’s current dominance of the both the home and portable video game industries it feels like years since we had a good, close fight between two major hardware manufacturers; the glory days of the 16-bit console war seem like an eternity ago. Thankfully, it looks as if Sony is slipping on its boxing gloves and getting..

News: StarFox Developer Not Interested in Wii Sequel

StarFox Developer Not Interested in Wii Sequel

Dylan Cuthbert was there when it all started - but he's ruled himself out of McCloud's future adventures

If you asked any hardcore Nintendo fan which key first-party franchise they’d like to see appear next on Wii, you can be pretty sure that amongst F-Zero, Donkey Kong and Kid Icarus the name ‘StarFox’ would crop up. The first game kick-started the 3D revolution as far as Nintendo was..

News: Arc Rise Fantasia – Now with 100% Less Underboob

Arc Rise Fantasia – Now with 100% Less Underboob

Marvelous covers up its latest RPG

Since seeing it in action, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on Marvelous Interactive’s upcoming Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia. With the talents of director Hiroyuki Kanemaru and composer Yasunori Mitsuda, this Wii-exclusive title is shaping up to be a fine role-player. However, putting the impressive staff roster aside for one moment, we have to admit that one of the..

News: Wanted producer unwilling to "get on his knees" for Nintendo

Wanted producer unwilling to "get on his knees" for Nintendo

Outspoken producer mounts swear-tastic attack on the Big N

Peter Wanat, Big Time Games producer and developer behind such titles as Scarface, Chronicles Of Riddick and the upcoming 360/PS3/PC game Wanted: Weapons Of Fate, pulled no punches against the state of third-party development on Nintendo's Wii console during an episode of Gametrailers.com's Invisible Walls segment. You can view the episode..

News: US Police: DSi Could Lead To Child Abuse

US Police: DSi Could Lead To Child Abuse

Advanced features open the door to evil-doers, says Arkansas Sergeant

Nothing generates column inches better than a good old scare story, and with the DSi some sectors of society are having a field day. Take Arkansas police from the good old US of A, for example. Sergeant Adam Holland (who has the rather unenviable task of investigating internet crimes against children) has a bee in his bonnet over..

News: Nyko Wireless Nunchuk - OBJECTION!

Nyko Wireless Nunchuk - OBJECTION!

Nintendo isn't best pleased with "rip-off" design

We covered Nyko’s innovative wireless Nunchuk controller in a news piece some time ago and were generally pleased by the fact that a peripheral manufacturer had decided to fix one of the key problems with the Wii’s control setup – the pesky wire that keeps hitting you in the face as you furiously fling the Wiimote and Nunchuk around. However,..

News: Nintendo To Shun 2008 Leipzig Games Convention

Nintendo To Shun 2008 Leipzig Games Convention

"Too busy washing hair" rumour is currently unfounded

It may have attracted 185,000 people last year and now ranks as the number one gaming expo in Europe but Nintendo has today confirmed that it wouldn’t be attending the Leipzig Games Convention 2008. The Japanese giant has commented that events such as road shows and small-scale local events have proven to be tremendously successful, and that..

News: Wii Fit Made Me Cry

Wii Fit Made Me Cry

It seems that while GTA4 may be edging the sales war at the moment, hot competitor Wii Fit has managed to win the controversy war as it appears to be labelling fat people as "obese". They do say that the truth hurts.

So the original article is coming from The Sun (we know, we know) who turn some garbage about an 11 year old girl into a full-on assault at the game. Tabea Scott-King weighs 6st 13lb..

News: Nintendo Squash "New DS" Rumour

Nintendo Squash "New DS" Rumour

Well that's no surprise then. What did I tell you? You can't remember. Well, I told you it was too damn early for a new DS.

And I was right. Following on from our report last week about the possibility of a new DS to be announced at E3. The news came from Hamamura-san (head of Japanese publishing giant Enterbrain) and has been squashed by both Nintendo of Japan's head of PR Ken Toyota and..

News: "The Most Powerful Engine Available For Wii"

"The Most Powerful Engine Available For Wii"

It's been a bit "will it, won't it" with Nibris' psychological thriller "Sadness" ever since it was announced in April 2006 but according to Official Nintendo Magazine the game is running on "the most powerful engine available for [the] Wii". Blimey.

After the new screenshot which emerged last week we've all been waiting for the next twist in the...

News: Wii ‘Fraud Factory’ Raided In UK

Wii ‘Fraud Factory’ Raided In UK

Thousands of Wii chips seized in thrilling swoop on criminal HQ

A Wii 'Fraud Factory’ has been raided in Leicestershire, with over 2,000 chips recovered by Police. The factory itself was actually a house in the town of Coalville (which, incidentally is a five minute drive from the offices of NintendoLife – although we’ll point out that we had no involvement with this!). Police worked in..

News: This Is A Pretty Hearty Rumour: DS 2 At E3?

This Is A Pretty Hearty Rumour: DS 2 At E3?

And it's all down to an article posted by Bloomberg Japan which has caused a whole host of rumours across the nerd-o-sphere.

According to the article, the president of Japanese magazine publisher "Enterbrain" (which hosts the gaming bible "Famitsu") has commented that Nintendo may (note the emphasis) be announcing a new version of their blow-away success console: the Nintendo..

News: 360Mote Tentatively Titled The "Newton"

360Mote Tentatively Titled The "Newton"

In a not so dramatic twist Microsoft have (virtually) confirmed speculation that they are indeed ripping off Nintendo's innovation with a product the development team have dubbed "Newton".

We broke the news that Microsoft are developing their own "Wii Remote" yesterday. Seemingly following on from the media frenzy that such "leaked" information caused in the gaming stratosphere..

News: Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

When you run out of ideas, why not steal one from someone else?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if that is the case then Nintendo must be feeling pretty flattered at the moment. MTV has recently been contacted by a developer who says that Microsoft is working on a Wii-style controller for its 360 console, as well as a version of the ‘Mii’ avatar concept for Xbox..

News: Hitachi And Sharp In Illegal DS Screen Cartel?

Hitachi And Sharp In Illegal DS Screen Cartel?

Shock! Horror! Hold the front page!

Scandal has rocked the very foundations of the Japanese consumer electronics industry as Hitachi and Sharp – the two companies tasked with producing those lovely little screens you have on your DS – found their offices raided by the Japanese Fair Trade Commission on suspicion of fixing the price of said displays. Nintendo is pleading ignorance on the matter..

News: “Everything In Moderation” Says Nintendo

“Everything In Moderation” Says Nintendo

The Big N responds to internet scare-stories

Nintendo has responded to negative comments regarding the implications of playing too much Wii by insisting that the machine is perfectly safe, so long as players don’t “overdo it”. The advice came from the lips of Nintendo PR-guru Anka Dolecki and was intended to counter the flood of complaints from Wii owners claiming to suffer from problems such..

News: Dr Kawashima "Turned Down Brain Training Royalties"

Dr Kawashima "Turned Down Brain Training Royalties"

And he doesn't feel stupid about it, amazingly

His name adorns one of the best selling games of 2007, but Dr Ryuta Kawashima hasn’t seen a single penny of profits. Nintendo’s Brain Training range has sold millions worldwide and bagged the resurgent company healthy profits, but the Doctor who came up with the ideas on which Brain Training is...

News: Tetsuya Mizuguchi "Worries About Wii"

Tetsuya Mizuguchi "Worries About Wii"

Former Sega star is wary of Nintendo’s dominance

He may have been part of Sega’s ‘golden era’ and had a part in such classic titles as Rez, Meteos and Lumines, but it would seem that videogame legend Tetsuya Mizuguchi is being kept up at night by the runaway success of the Wii. In a recently interview with Wired, he was asked about developing for Nintendo’s best-selling console: W: In..