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Review: Bike Rider UltraDX - WORLD TOUR (Wii U eShop)

Bike Rider UltraDX - WORLD TOUR (Wii U eShop)

Not so ultra

Part racing game, part platform game: Bike Rider UltraDX - WORLD TOUR is the latest title to enter the eShop, this time moving from 3DS to Wii U. At first glance it's easy to mistake Bike Rider as a side-scrolling racing game, but take a further look and it becomes apparent that it has more in common with a traditional 2D platformer...

Review: Bike Rider DX (3DS eShop)

Bike Rider DX (3DS eShop)

Smooth Ride

Bike Rider DX doesn't have much in the way of exposition. It looks like a simple game, and it is: players guide a constantly-advancing cyclist through different stages, using a single button to jump over obstacles, pitfalls, and enemies on the way to the goal. This certainly isn't a new idea, but it wraps it up in a polished package...