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  • News Fake Commercial for 'The Nintendo App' Stirs Debate

    Nintendo's smartphone projects are still pending

    2015 will be the year, unless Nintendo delays beyond reason, when we see some notable movement in smartphone usage from the company. During 2014 Satoru Iwata announced that a dedicated team was working on projects for smartphone devices, though an expected arrival last year of the earliest outcomes...



  • News Mario Kart 8 Smart Device Website or App on the Way

    To provide services such as ranking checks

    Mario Kart 8 is already forging new ground on the Wii U, with Nintendo having confirmed not only the Mario Kart TV feature, but the ability to upload those highlights reels directly to YouTube from within the game. It also seems set to represent Nintendo's first move into producing an accompanying smart...


  • News Nintendo UK Launches Mario Kart 7 Facebook App

    Event Races and Time Trials to take on

    For a number of months Nintendo UK has been hosting regular Mario Kart 7 community races, but those that want to compete and meet other racers will now have a chance to do so in more detail with the new Facebook app that's been launched. As well as weekly races, the new app will allow for greater interaction...


  • News LOVEFiLM Arrives on Wii, Wii U App Will Go Live "Soon"

    Or you could use Wii mode on your Wii U

    Wii may be fading into the shadows in the face of its HD successor, but today brings a new release to the little white box in the UK. It's the LOVEFiLM app, which will allow subscribers to stream TV shows and movies directly to their TV, assuming they have a suitable online connection. If you're a subscriber,...


  • News Amazon Instant Video Goes Live on Wii U

    Just tap the icon

    Much like the arrival of Hulu Plus on Wii U, good things come to those who wait. Joining yesterday's addition to the TV streaming options on Nintendo's new system, and Netflix which was ready on day one, is Amazon Instant Video, live right now. If you're a subscriber to the service, simply tap on the tile visible on the home menu...

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