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News: Fanboys: EA Say "Buy 360 And/Or Wii, Skip The PS3."

Fanboys: EA Say "Buy 360 And/Or Wii, Skip The PS3."

I'm not one to create speculation over which console is the best. As far as I am concerned is 100% unbiased and all of us here keep an open mind about the latest video games and consoles.

However the question does always ponder as to whether people within the actual industry (so developers, publishers and the such) have meaningful opinions? The noises heading out of EA HQ are,..

News: Peach And Bowser To Marry April 9th?

Peach And Bowser To Marry April 9th?

Haha, Nintendo don't half like doing things a little abnormally. As this press release proves.

Nintendo of America Requests the Pleasure of Your Company at the Marriage of PeachtoBowser on the 9th Day of April 2007 The nuptials will take place at the beginning of Super Paper Mario, which will be available for Nintendo's hot new Wii home video game system. Those who wish to attend - or thwart - the..

News: Wii Weights Will Enhance Your Workout

Wii Weights Will Enhance Your Workout

A couple of weeks ago I was genuinely going to do a test for based around how fit you can get from playing the Wii. I was not the only one to notice an increase in the size of my biceps.

Unfortunately some American blogger had already beaten me to the idea and recorded himself losing a total of 9lbs just from playing the Wii daily. While we all wait for a string of fitness games to..

News: Knowing Me, Knowing You

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Ah ha! Upcoming gaming blog Game People interview Nintendo Life founder on life, games and blogging.

Were you ever curious about who made Nintendo Life? I doubt it - but If you were, now you have a chance to find out about our founding member courtesy of Andy from Game People. Andy approached me last week and told me all about a new regular interview feature on his site called "Blogging People"..

News: Alternate Marios

Alternate Marios

Gallery of alternate Mario's has surfaced via Digg

Head on over to the Media Post website to find yourself a nice little gallery of Mario's. If anyone knows of other artwork galleries related to Nintendo feel free to post them in the comments section.

News: Leisure Suit Larry Wii

Leisure Suit Larry Wii

The lounge lizard coming to a Nintendo console near you? No, but wouldn't it be funny!

BBspot published a pretty interesting idea for another Wii game last month, we missed it but here's what they came up with. "Sierra will release what they think will be the most innovative use of the new "Wiimote" used on the immensely popular Wii from Nintendo. They plan to release a new episode..

News: Penny Arcade Are At It Like Bunnies

Penny Arcade Are At It Like Bunnies

Helping evil bunny rabbits and sick children.

The gaming webcomic Penny Arcade, have leant their efforts to help show off Rayman Raving Rabbids in a new ad campaign. The game was released at launch but Ubisoft have asked Gabe over at the PA blog to design some short comics in order to give the game an extra kick in the media stakes. If you are familiar with the Penny Arcade blog you will know of..

News: Wii Has The Power...

Wii Has The Power...

... Glove. Just in case you missed it, here's the brand spanking new Power Glove for Wii.

When Wii was first announced, alot of people said "wait, isn't that just a power glove all over again?" Thankfully they were wrong, Wii has proved to accomplish exactly what the Power glove wanted to achieve on the NES over 15 years ago. It was only a matter of time before someone attached their Wiimote to a..

News: Those Wacky Japanese

Those Wacky Japanese

Hold the press! Japanese man plays with his Wii on a 1.5" TV.

We love those Japanese games designers, they make some great crazy games but how to they actually come up with the ideas in the first place? It's probably a culture thing. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, this "little" video comes outta no-where, its a Japanese gamer playing his brand new Wii console on a 1.5" screen. Whatever..

News: Wii Sports WILL Be Boxed

Wii Sports WILL Be Boxed

Internet Message Board geeks rejoice - Wii Sports WILL come boxed in Europe.

Eurogamer announced today that Wii Sports does indeed come boxed in Europe - because they just got their copies of the console shipped in from Europe. This is what they had to say: "The PAL version of Nintendo Wii will ship with a boxed version of Wii Sports rather than a bare disc as it did in the US, we can confirm..

News: Wii Reaches South Park

Wii Reaches South Park

The infamous Nintendo creation is to appear in a episode of cult tv show, South Park.

The creators of South Park are always in the news for some reason or another, only a week or so ago they were barraged for showing Steve Irwin in one of their episodes. It seems that Nintendo's latest Wii console has also been featured in the hit cartoon. This weeks episode sees Cartman desperately awaiting the..

News: Cardboard DS Boxes

Cardboard DS Boxes

Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg get hit by plastic case shortage.

The three northern European countries have had a small number of first party titles switched to cardboard cases due to the shortage of normal plastic ones! "A statement from officials at Nintendo of Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) indicates that a shortage in plastic cases means that the packaging for a..

News: A Wii Bit Fruity

A Wii Bit Fruity

GamePaused simulate your favourite Nintendo consoles with... food. Grab the posters now.

Just when you thought you knew everything about Wii, have decided to release a couple of posters dedicated to both Wii, DS and food. "GamePaused™ loves creative gaming and so naturally GamePaused™ loves the Wii. When we first heard of Nintendo’s new console we were filled with..

News: The Voice Of Mario At Oxford Street

The Voice Of Mario At Oxford Street

The British video game retailer GAME is offering customers the chance to meet the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet.

On 15th September, Nintendo will have their conferances and events where they'll reveal a lot of information about the Wii, including the Price and Launch date. If you're not invited to these events, or you just think meeting the voice of the world's most popular and famous video game..

News: Super Mario War

Super Mario War

Mutiplayer fan-made Mario game surfaces on Interweb site,

The game which seems to be available for PC and Linux has also been published with its entire source code available for download. The creators claim that the game is in tribute to the great giant N in the sky, Nintendo. "Super Mario War is a Super Mario multiplayer game...

News: Virtual Console Promo Image

Virtual Console Promo Image

Kotaku folks have managed to get hold of a "Wii Promotional Image" depicting loads of Nintendo classics.

Obviously we're not entirely sure if this image is actually official, but its certainly really really cool. "A reader, He Who Must Not Be Named, sent us a promotional image he somehow got his grubby hands on. It's a promotional illustration for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, presumably..

News: Retro Nintendo Power

Retro Nintendo Power

RacketBoy uncover the first ever edition of popular US magazine, Nintendo Power.

For those of you that enjoy nostalgia your in for a treat today, the guys over at have recently scanned and uploaded the very first issue of Nintendo Power. "I'm following up on the first issue of Sega Visions magazine with the first issue of the beloved Nintendo Power. I can still remember when this..

News: Uwe Boll Wants A Fight

Uwe Boll Wants A Fight

The notorious film director is fed up with the games press and offers the chance for five critics to fight him!

Dr Boll has had enough, he's totally fed up with Internet critics slamming his movies over and over again, so much so he actually wants to fight them. Yes, really. "I'm fed up with people slamming my films on the Internet without see them. Many journalists make value judgments on my..

News: Nintendo Monopoly

Nintendo Monopoly

That's right, Nintendo now has their own Monopoly board. It's about time if you ask me.

Thanks to USAopoly, Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's Edition, will now come to Nintendo fans from all over at the retail price of $35.95. Coming in July, the board will feature characters that you can buy instead of actual places. The figurines you can play with also show off a lot of the game. The figurines you..

News: Sony Stole Our Idea

Sony Stole Our Idea

Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton has a pop at Sony and its "revolutionary" PlayStation 3 controller.

CVG have reported on an interview between MCV and David Yarnton, the current boss for Nintendo UK. The Yarnton didn't hold back when commenting on the newly improved PlayStation 3 controller which was announced last week at E3. "Historically we're always developing new things. We know Sony have..