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  • News Photos With Mario Arrives in Europe With Special eShop Cards

    Get a free app with your credit

    Photos With Mario is an interesting app from Nintendo - it was previously dumped onto the eShop in North America with little fanfare prior to the release of special eShop $10 fund cards which included AR cards. Rather like the default AR cards that come with the 3DS these allow you to bring Nintendo items and...




  • News Detective Conan to Solve the Case With AR Cards on 3DS

    The truth is in the cards

    Chunsoft's upcoming 3DS adventure, Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony, will feature AR cards as a key gameplay component in solving various mysteries. Using the AR cards, a 3D Conan will appear and help the player if given virtual coins (though it's not clear if Play Coins are used or if the game has its own digital...