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    Review Romancing SaGa 2

    Heir to the empire

    To this day, there is still a number of prestigious Japanese role-playing games western audiences have not had the opportunity to play. Up until recently, Romancing SaGa 2 was one of these titles. First released in Japan in 1993 on Super Famicom, the second instalment actually counts as the fifth entry in Akitoshi Kawazu’s SaGa...

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    Review Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

    The imitation game

    The Legend Of Zelda-inspired adventure that is Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King follows the adventures of Lily, a noble Knight Of The Rose tasked with saving the Kingdom of Blossom from eternal darkness. You'll need to traverse five challenging dungeons while solving puzzles, using special weapons, items and abilities and...

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    Review Stern Pinball Arcade

    A classic experience

    Stern Pinball Arcade for the Switch eShop prides itself on authenticity. The company Stern - as featured in the title's name - was founded in 1977, plying its trade as a pinball and arcade video game manufacturer.  As the most experienced and largest producer of real pinball machines to this day, the publisher and developer...

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    Review Pinball FX3

    The definitive pinball title

    The free-to-download series Pinball FX has gone from strength to strength over the years, acquiring many famous licenses at an increased rate while slowly refining the overall quality of the experience as each new entry is released. As old-fashioned as pinball now is in the 21st century, the effort Zen Studios...

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    Review The Sexy Brutale

    Turn back time to save the day

    If Groundhog Day took on the form of a video game, it might very well be The Sexy Brutale. It’s a 3D puzzle and adventure title developed by Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works (Rime) focused on intrigue, murder and mystery with a huge emphasis placed on the manipulation of time. Taking control of the...

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    Review Black The Fall

    Escape the system

    Inspired by Romanian communism and '90s sci-fi universes, Black The Fall is an atmospheric puzzle-platformer developed by Sand Sailor Studio – a Bucharest-based independent game company that was originally founded in 2014. The concept came about as a way to express rebellion against the mechanisms of a heavily corrupted system,...

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    Review The End Is Nigh

    It's the end of the world as we know it

    Balancing the difficulty in a platform game is a fine art. Even though the genre has pretty-much existed since the inception of modern video games, developers are still often guilty of not providing enough of a challenge or making levels almost impossible to complete. Even in recent times, only a select few...

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    Review Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive

    A modern brawler

    As much of a blast as old school beat em’ up video games like Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and the River City Ransom series are to play, new titles under this same banner often fail to modernise the classic genre – instead choosing to rely purely on nostalgia to fuel the fun. Although this is very much a design choice, it...

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    Review Plantera Deluxe

    Flex those green fingers

    Gardening is said to be good for your health. It can relieve stress, help combat anxiety and depression, and improve your overall mental wellbeing. Studies conducted in the past have proven caring for a plant or garden is therapeutic and can better a person’s quality of life. So how does a video game about a virtual garden...

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    Review Cat Quest

    Catastrophe in the lands of Felingard

    Cats often get a bad rap when compared to dogs; yet furry felines continue to reign supreme thanks to the internet’s love of cat memes and viral videos. If you do worship your cat like a God and also happen to enjoy role-playing games, Cat Quest – published by PQube and developed by The Gentlebros – could...

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    Review Batman - The Telltale Series

    Be the man, become the bat

    Long-time fans of Telltale Games will no doubt remember when the independent publisher and developer - specialising in the creation of episodic point-and-click games - hit its stride. Having worked with various IP including Sam & Max and Monkey Island since its inception in 2004, the company became more widely known...

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    Review Stick It to The Man

    A weird adventure

    Over the course of its first year the Switch has been bombarded with ports. Stick It To The Man – originally released in 2013 and made available on the Wii U in 2014 – adds to the growing library of eShop re-releases on Nintendo’s latest device. Initially, this game was critically praised. Its story – penned by Adventure...

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    Review Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Relax and stay a while

    It’s still hard to comprehend a series as obscure yet mundane as Animal Crossing has had so much success since its inception. Apart from minor similarities to The Sims and Harvest Moon, the concept of the original game wasn’t really akin to any other title available on the market at the time of its release. Unlike the...

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    Review UNO

    A classic card game modernised

    Digital card games have had a significant rise in popularity in recent years. These modern variations commonly feature online play, micro-transactions, thousands of unique collectible cards and often require hundreds of hours to properly understand the intricacies. Given the hype surrounding this specific type of card...

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    Review Perception

    Far from pleasant

    What is it about the horror genre that makes it so timeless? Despite the often formulaic approaches and clichés that help define these games, it’s normally the exploration and discovery of the unknown that keeps both audiences and players alike on the edge of their seats. Audience engagement with this specific genre can be...

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    Review Wheels of Aurelia

    Anything but a joyride

    Imagine a driving game that takes on the form of a visual novel. That’s loosely what Wheels of Aurelia is like; the pointed summary is that it doesn’t really align with any traditional video game experience at all. Even within the context of an indie title, this one is as art house as they come. It’s not going to appeal...

  • Feature Adapting to Day-To-Day Life in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    More impressions about the latest entry in the Animal Crossing family

    While the rest of the world waits until late November for the official release of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on iOS and Google Play devices, your humble scribe – who happens to be located in Australia – has now had a few more days to adapt to life in this new world. With the...

  • Video Watch Jimmy Fallon Play Super Mario Odyssey On The Nintendo Switch

    This man really loves Mario

    It’s been well publicised how the current host of The Tonight Show is a big fan of Nintendo. Every year E3 rolls around, Jimmy Fallon often gets Reggie and his crew on so he can try out the latest Nintendo systems and games.  We have also heard stories in the past about how he missed out on a chance to date the...

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    Review Super Ping Pong Trick Shot

    Become a trick shot master

    With more games released every year, deciding which one to play next has become increasingly difficult. The complex progression systems and open world design commonly found in modern video games appear to have become a norm, even in some download titles. Sometimes the limitless nature of these types of games can become...

  • Feature Our First Steps in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Initial impressions from our resident Animal Crossing expert

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp had its big Nintendo Direct reveal, and what we saw was a title that – in various respects – is rather close to the experience in the main games. Smaller in scope and with some mobile elements, of course, but the iOS / Google Play title has nevertheless...

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    Review JYDGE

    Enforce law and order on the city streets of Edenbyrg

    Imagine a bleak dystopian future where crime is rampant and multiple citizens are being held as hostages by dangerous people. JYDGE, recently launched on Steam  and now available via the Switch eShop, explores this exact scenario. When all goes to hell in the cyberpunk city of Edenbyrg, the...

  • News New Story Trailer For Apollo Justice On 3DS Reveals Release Dates For North America & Europe

    You won’t object to this

    Earlier this year Capcom announced it was releasing a revamped version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on the 3DS. With the game already scheduled for a November launch, the Japan-based publisher and developer has now confirmed the title will release in North America on 21st November and across Europe on 23rd November. To...

  • News Mantis Burn Racing On Switch Will Include Cross-Play Support

    Race against players on rival platforms

    VooFoo Studios has announced its top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing will include cross-play support. The title bolsters cross-play offerings on the Nintendo Switch, with some of the previously announced cross-platform games for the device including Minecraft, Rocket League and the recently announced th

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    Review Sparkle 2

    Modernising a niche genre

    If you’ve ever played an entry from PopCap’s ZUMA series, or the late '90s Puzz Loop game by Mitchell Corporation, Sparkle 2 by 10tons falls under the same banner. For the uninformed, Sparkle 2 is a bit of a blast from the past, providing marble madness in the form of a puzzle match game. The fact this entry is a...