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  • Video How Music Was Made On The SNES

    The hard work behind the scenes

    Video game soundtracks can make up a huge part of a player's overall gaming experience; hearing just a couple of notes from your favourite games as a child can instantly transport you back to that world, bringing back all those feelings you thought you'd forgotten. Once they've entered your head for the first time,...

Tuesday14th Aug 2018

  • Feature The Day I Met Donkey Kong On Live TV

    Alex Norton talks of TV fame and people in ape suits

    In this special one-off piece, reader Alex Norton explains how he ended up being the first gamer to get his hands on Donkey Kong Country, way back in 1994. Back in 1994, I felt like the luckiest kid alive. I was the one-millionth caller to the Nintendo Hotline in the UK and had won my height in...

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  • Video Exploring The Process Behind Mickey Mania's 'Into-The-Screen' Chase

    A gaming first

    If you cast your minds back to 1994, or allow yourself to simply imagine that time if you weren't born yet, you may remember Mickey Mania on the SNES. Developed by Traveller's Tales, this platformer also arrived on Sega Genesis and Sega CD, with one noteworthy element being its 3D, 'into-the-screen' chase - seemingly a first in...

Wednesday8th Aug 2018

  • Random High School Student Sends EarthBound Cartridge Into Space

    And it still works!

    Here's a whacky and wonderful one for you: a copy of EarthBound has recently been sent up to the edge of space, presumably being the only copy of the game that isn't actually bound to Earth. 14-year-old student, Ronnie Doyle, was recently given the chance to send an item of his choosing into space through a donation made by his...

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  • Video How Ingenious British Teens Helped Nintendo Fly With Star Fox

    The dawn of the Lylat Wars

    The story of how a group of ambitious young British programmers gave Nintendo the courage to enter the 3D arena is hardly new; we've covered it on this very site, for example. However, the tale behind the development of Star Fox is one that bears repeating, making this new video from People Make Games well worth a...

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  • News Veteran Game Designer Hidenori Shibao Passes Away

    Writer and director of SNES RPG Paladin's Quest

    We've got some sad news today as it's being reported that veteran writer and game designer Hidenori Shibao has passed away. Shibao was best known for writing and directing the Super Nintendo RPG Paladin's Quest, which was published by Enix. In later years Shibao would go on to work...