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  • News Animal Crossing Mobile Game Delayed Until Later In The Year

    To "accommodate the releases and operation" of other mobile games

    Nintendo has confirmed that its Animal Crossing mobile game has been delayed, and will now release in the next financial year - after April, basically. The news was delivered in Nintendo's Consolidated Results for the Nine Months Ended December 2015 and 2016 report, with the...

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    Review Pokémon Duel

    Has the Pokemon Co. mastered it?

    Following on from the amazing success of Pokémon GO comes the next mobile Pokémon game release, with Pokémon Duel - technically, though, this game came out before Pokémon GO due to its release in Japan in April of last year as Pokémon Co-master. We've actually been playing it ever since that original release and...

  • News Super Mario Run Now Costs £9.99 To Unlock In The UK

    Taking a running jump

    A while back we reported that Britain's decision to leave the European Union had resulted in Apple putting up the price of apps on its iOS App Store, and that it could potentially mean that Super Mario Run's unlock cost would rise. That has now come to pass; to unlock all of the game's worlds in single-player mode, you now...