It has been revealed that Dream Alone, the upcoming horror platformer from Fat Dog Games, will be making its way to Nintendo Switch.

Dream Alone features classic platform gameplay, unique abilities, deadly traps, horror elements, and a dark and mysterious storyline. After a sickness strikes a quiet village, people start falling into comas. When your family becomes affected by the disease, you start a dangerous journey to find the mythical Lady Death who is said to have powers that can stop or even revert the disease.

The game's story will have you play through various settings such as forests, marshlands, and caves, and most of the levels have an alternate reality version which allows you to get through areas you weren't able to before and discover new secrets.

Featuring a blend of precise jumping and running, and a trap mechanism which allows the player to leave behind a copy of themselves and use them to activate levers and pressure plates, Dream Alone is said to be coming to the Switch "soon". Whether or not this will match the game's Steam release date of 21st March is yet to be seen.

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