News - 2017, Week 41

Sunday15th Oct 2017

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Tuesday10th Oct 2017

Monday9th Oct 2017

  • News The Inevitable SNES Classic Mini Hack Is Now Complete

    "75% of games are working fine"

    Last week we reported on Russian hacker Alexey 'Cluster' Avdyukhin's intention to modify his popular hacking tool hakchi2 to add support for the SNES Classic Mini.  He's stayed true to his word that this work would take around a week and now v2.20 of hakchi2 has been released which offers the following...

  • News The Big NBA 2K18 Patch For Switch Is Finally Here

    Slam dunk

    NBA 2K18 didn't get off to the best of starts when it launched on the Nintendo Switch on 15th September. In short, it was all a bit of a mess and we ended running our review without a score. While it's taken way too long, the mega patch update #3 finally dropped for the Switch version of the game during the weekend. Here's the laundry...

  • News The Nintendo Virtual Boy Could Be Getting New Software

    Virtual insanity?

    The Nintendo Virtual Boy may have gone down in history as the company's grandest folly, but it's clear that there are many fans out there who feel it didn't get a fair crack of the whip.  Team VUEngine is a group of Virtual Boy enthusastis who want to resurrect the failed console with a series of new homebrew titles. A...

  • News Sega Confirms Sonic Forces Is 720p, 30fps On Nintendo Switch

    In both docked and handheld modes

    Sonic Forces may not be the blue hedgehog's first game on Switch - that honour falls to the amazing Sonic Mania - but it's likely to be the one that Sega hopes will find the larger audience, given the hype which has surrounded its development. Fairly early on, it was rumoured that the game wouldn't be hitting that...

  • News Bandai Set To Release Stunning New Set Of Physical PokéBalls

    Gotta buy them all!

    Pokémon fans rejoice! Bandai has announced its 'Pokemon: Ball Collection Ultra' series, a stunningly beautiful collection of real, physical PokéBalls that are set to be available in January next year. The collection includes the more common ball types: Poké, Great, Ultra, and Master, as well as a Luxury Ball and a Beast Ball...

  • Feature Nintendo Life eShop Selects - September 2017

    Blimey, we really had a lot to choose from

    Every month we're amazed with how the Switch eShop leaps from strength to strength, and the month of September was absolutely no exception. With such an enormous roster of games released, this month was by far the hardest month we had to deal with for the awards, but we managed it. It's a nice problem to...

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    Review Unbox: Newbie's Adventure

    Does it deliver the goods?

    Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is ‘packed’ full of features reminiscent of classic '90s 3D platformers such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Developed by Manchester-based indie studio Prospect Games, the game has been described as a “love letter” to those legendary titles and, thanks to more modern technology, is...

  • News Three More 3DS Games Are Joining the European Nintendo Selects Range

    Luigi! Kirby! Mario!

    Buying copies of all your favourite first-party Nintendo games can start to get expensive; usually the company's top titles remain at full price across all stores, holding on to their value for all eternity. It is no surprise then that when games are added to the Nintendo Selects Range, offering the full game for a fraction of...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Tumblestone

    Time to rock n’ roll!

    The puzzle genre can be very hit-and-miss, particularly on dedicated gaming consoles where players tend to expect a higher level of polish and quality than most mobile games are able to achieve. Tumblestone, on the surface, looks like your typical ‘match-three’ kind of puzzler and might struggle to stand out from the...

  • Feature Japanese Dev Legend Tak Fujii On His Switch Music Exclusive Gal Metal

    "My dream is about increasing real band players from playing the game"

    Tak Fujii is one of the most established and charismatic figures in the Japanese gaming industry today. He spent twenty years at Konami in Chicago and Tokyo, filled roles such as sound designer, director and producer, as well as playing guitar on the incredible Castlevania:...

  • News Squareboy Vs. Bullies Lands On Switch This Week

    You can't beat a bit of bully

    Bullies, they are just the worst, aren't they? If they aren't giving you an atomic wedgie then they are trying to flush your head down the toilet. In Squareboy Vs Bullies: Arena Edition the titular Squareboy has had enough of the bullying and sets out to put them in their place in this old school...