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Hyrule Warriors, the exciting cross-over of Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda, is now just over a month from release in the West. Join us for Nintendo of America's special broadcast that'll show it off and reveal new details.

Hit up the front page for some articles breaking down new info from the Direct, and we'll provide more coverage during the next day or two as well.

We've now written up key news from the broadcast, thanks for joining us!

We've uploaded the vid, so you can watch again.


ThomasBW84 said:

Right, we'll write up some odds and ends, thanks for watching with us!

So, what did you think?

Now it's finished. Some good stuff right at the end

OoT, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword costume packs as pre-order bonuses

Register game on Club Nintendo before 23rd October, get Demon King DLC


ThomasBW84 said:

Woah, he's not messing around

Ganondorf confirmed as playable character in Hyrule Warriors

Off-TV mode is available in single player

Resolution drops in two player, unsurprisingly

Two player co-op, now showing the dual screen play

Skulltulas, previously shown off in Japan. Find them, get an illustration piece.

Find treasure in exploration, then battle to retrieve it. Some weapons only in this mode.

Each stage has set requirements. Win and the grid is unlocked, so you move forward. Using search you can find hidden items in a retro area.

All new adventure mode, combines Zelda items with Hyrule Warriors, overview map with blocks that represent stages

Now, Adventure Mode is being discussed

Majora's Mask moon, we've seen it before - still awesome

Acquire new weapons in battle, some have skills attached - you can fuse two weapons to increase skills.

Character levelling - level up through winning, grab materials to craft badges and enhance stats - increase combos etc.

Chain Chomp is a deadly weapon!

Skyloft, Lake Hylia, Twilight Field, and more...

Now we'll be shown some stages

Bombchus are also a thing in Hyrule Warriors - though they're massive

Focus Spirit increases your abilities in battle.

Special attacks are a nice visual treat in the game.

Fire Rod for Link, Wind Waker for Zelda, Spear for Lana, and many more.

New Weapons now being shown off

Grass cutting is a thing in Hyrule Warriors

Lana is a new character, wielding a Book of Sorcery

Ghirahim is also playable

Fi looks useful with that Goddess Blade

Zant is playable, which is cool

Agitha uses her parasol as a weapon, of course

Midna - hair is a weapon to grab, punch etc

Princess Zora rocking the Zora Scale

Darunia looks SERIOUS with that hammer

OoT characters now being shown

Sheik - with the image of a ninja and Harp / martial arts as weapons

Impa - Giant Blade

Princess Zelda's signature weapon is a rapier, with arrows of light as an extra

Playable characters, which we've seen before - Link with the Hylian Sword

Cucco's will come after you if you hit them, but they can be allies in battle

Cucco time...


Gohma is weak to arrows, of course, so bosses will incorporate mechanics from the main series

Bow and arrow, hookshot, boomerang and more

Items are next up

Earn rupees and materials when beating a level

Victory conditions will often change.

The map - enemies are red, allies blue. Capturing Keeps is an important part of expanding territory.

Bombs are included, of course.

The basics of gameplay are being shown first

We're getting walked through some basic gameplay details. Run around, slaughter hundreds of enemies. Lock on to tackle tougher enemies.

DIRECTLY... to you


ThomasBW84 said:

We're kicking off with a trailer that, I think, was previously released from a Niconico broadcast

It begins...


ThomasBW84 said:

I think this broadcast will be fun, here's hoping for plenty of humour

Oh, all right then, here's an image we all want

Five minutes now, find a comfy seat and watch with us

Midna's got attitude

Aonuma-san is excited

Agitha's inclusion is still surprising, right?

10 minutes and counting, get those snacks in

Darunia looks up for a fight

Who's your favourite character out of those revealed so far?

To be fair, Team Ninja can't be blamed for this one

15 minutes to go, we're posting silly pictures as build up in our live blog


ThomasBW84 said:

That is actually a character from Hyrule Warriors. News of Team Ninja's assistance in development arrived at roughly the same time. No joke.

Nintendo: "Fine, Team Ninja, you can design ONE character"

"I hope Tingle isn't behind me"


ThomasBW84 said:

I don't want Tingle in this one any more!

Holy moly

Let's do this while we wait!

Are you as hyped as this young fan?

30 minutes to go now, where are you on a hype scale of 1 to 10?

You should now have a YouTube feed, remember to hit play. If auto refresh didn't work, do it manually!

We'll swap the feed to YouTube, give us a moment.

The Hyrule Warriors Direct will be 26 minutes long, small snacks required

Time for Tingle Hat DLC?

45 minutes to go, we think it's time for some wacky predictions

Hype will keep us awake.


ThomasBW84 said:

It's after 3am, I'm back in the office (home broadband is iffy right now) and I've got coffee. PLEASE KEEP ME COMPANY.

That was meant to say blog, but character limits. Must do better...

One hour to go until Hyrule Warriors Direct, and we're kicking off our live blog