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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The moment you've all been waiting for, as Nintendo is set to reveal further details about both Super Smash Bros. games coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in this very special Nintendo Direct. Join us for this broadcast with live stream, live blogging and live chat.

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We're on a character run through...

Random Fighter option included in Smash Run.

Random AI enemies from various franchises.

Equip items, it's a pre-battle prep.

A Battle game for up to four players. Searching a dungeon area for power ups. Explore, fights enemies and grab power ups. After five minutes, those fighters then battle.

3DS exclusive - Smash Run

Custom Move sets - only online with friends or offline.

Wii Fit Trainer time, what a quirky character.

Mega Man time!

Wireframe Mac is a costume choice!

Mac has a power meter, unlike any other character. When full you have the K.O. Uppercut! One punch instant K.O.

Pseudo-Palutena trophy confirmed.

Yoshi now stands upright.

Pit powered up, gliding mechanic removed.

Winged Pikmin now give Olimar his recovery move.

Lucario now has a Mega Evolution, all attacks max after it's achieved.

Jet boots included.

Character forms no longer change during battles.

Gogoat, even...

Fennekin features, Gogoa.

Master Ball included as an assist trophy.

Assist trophies particularly important in All-Star Mode. Devil included!

Fi Trophy!

Rocket Belt and Steel Diver items are certainly a standout.

Shows how many players you have better scores. No rankings online, but skill-based matchmaking.

Solo player scoring system - Global Smash Power

Cutting down poor players.

Anonymous matches no more, ID is displayed.

Matches against friends have customisable rules.

For Glory - Final Destination only...

Online with Anyone - For Fun: random stage (no final destination), all items, only wins.

Wii U version recommends a wired connection...

3DS has online too.

Wii U online - friends or anyone play.

Tiki trophy confirmed.

Ridley tease there!

Contest to take down the Devil, final strike is vital.

Wily Castle now - from Mega Man 2. It's the yellow devil, body assembles, disrupts the fight. Only vulnerable spot is its eye.

Stages reappearing from past titles, in some cases.

Wii U version looks lovely, as expected. Windy Hill stage should be fun. Wii Fit Studio! Palutena's Temple.

Balloon Fight stage on 3DS!

Currently looking at stages on 3DS, animations look fantastic.

Connection details to come at a later date.

Wii U will have a My Music treasure trove of options.

3DS - 2 musical pieces per stage.

Same rosters, different stages, as previously announced. Designs of matching stages will differ.

60fps for 3DS, which should be impressive.

Masahiro Sakurai confirms he's still alive. Good to know!

Here we go!

Our Nintendo Pocket Football review is about to go up. Who's going to read it right now! Anyone?


ThomasBW84 said:

Excited is the word. 39 minutes dedicated to Smash is impressive, unless there are diversions to other games. Could be awesome.


antdickens said:

It's ironic we just got off a real train to come jump aboard the hype train!

Let's hope we don't hear this at any point


Damo said:

So, 39 minutes long...that's quite long for just one game! Wonder what we will see?

And not so much of this...

Let's hope there's plenty of this...

Is yours ready?


Damo said:

Not long to go now. You won't have to endure my dull Namco-based predictions much longer, I promise.


Damo said:

Hey, they were in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX! It could happen, right?


Damo said:

My final Namco-related wish which will never come true - Lucky & Wild would be perfect!


Damo said:

What kind of ideas would you like to see in the single player mode?


Damo said:

This dude could add some much-needed sophistication to proceedings


Damo said:

I'm getting a little obsessed with thinking about Namco characters they could include. I imagine I'm going to be brutally disappointed when no Namco characters are announced. :I


Damo said:

Wonder Momo would take no prisoners!


Damo said:

Mappy would kick some butt with his truncheon!


Damo said:

For anyone who is wondering, we're going to cover both the North American and European streams in this single thread - so worry not, you won't miss anything!


Damo said:

Let's face it, Rick from Splatterhouse would murder everyone else in the game. Potentially unbalanced.


Damo said:

Let's not forget Namco Bandai's involvement...could that mean we see some classic Namco characters taking part?

Will we see this sneaky chap again?


Damo said:

So, what are we all expecting to see, then? Are you hoping for new characters? A solid release date, perhaps? Confirmation of single-player features? Chat away!

Super Smash Bros. Direct is coming soon! Join us for this broadcast for new details on the Super Smash Bros. games coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.
Check back here on Tuesday, April 8th at 11 p.m. (UK time) to watch the broadcast live!