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Awesome Games Done Quick Seven Day Event Kicks Off Today

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The title says it all

Last year we reported on an extraordinary Ocarina of Time speed-run by Cosmo Wright, in which he beat the game in 22 minutes (a record he'd subsequently improve) and narrated as he went along. That first time was set at AGDQ 2013 (Awesome Games Done Quick), a live stream event over seven days that raised $448,000 for cancer research.

AGDQ time has come around again, with the 2014 event running from 5th to 11th January, once again raising money for the Prevent Cancer charity. It'll feature more of the world's top speed-run players exercising their craft (with no cheats or mods) for your entertainment, all with the goal of raising money. There'll be special items available at various points as prizes for those that donate.

It kicks off at 12pm Eastert / 9am Pacific / 5pm UK time / 6pm CET today (5th January), and can be watched live at Based on the records set last year and the promotional video below, you can expect a mix of old and new games, with plenty of Nintendo thrown in.

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SyntheticPerson said:

Awesome. I had almost forgotten about this. Looking forward to seeing Goose and Bossman on GoldenEye and Perfect Dark! Those guys are legends!



K-Gamer said:

I've seen these on YouTube before, and was amazed by Cosmo's speed run of Ocarina of time. Will be watching.

Ps. No 3d world?



Greenalink said:

Super Mario 3D World* is too new and it was way too late to add it onto the schedule. Maybe ESA or Summer Games Done Quick will play this game.

*Same for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.



Gioku said:


Cosmo Wright's OoT speedrun was amazing~

So it starts in half an hour...? I better get ready!



CoreyCannabis said:

Off topic, but that header reminds me...Where's Viewtiful Joe 3, Capcom! Youse guys can't just leave it the way VJ2 ended!



3dcaleb said:

where do these things happen at? it would be so fun to see this kinda stuff live. but i have no idea how to find out ahead of time when and where gaming events like this are happening. anybody know how to find about stuff like this?

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