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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Greenalink commented on Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 Raises Over One ...:

"Once some official videos are released on YouTube we'll upload a selection;"

Those official MP4 videos that will be downloadable on will take a couple of months, AGDQ 2013 encodes started in January and all games were done in March/April time . UraniumAnchor usually encodes the 160+ hour marathon supporting full framerate on the gameplay and 2 audio tracks (or 1 for PC/DS games). Right now the runs can be watched on Twitch VODs or reuploads on Youtube.



Greenalink commented on Awesome Games Done Quick Seven Day Event Kicks...:

Nintendo was actually nice enough to donate the Legend of Zelda HD Wii U Bundle*. You can win one of these during Cosmo's The Wind Waker Run on Saturday 11th 2014.


  • I can't confirm if it's a US or a European one, very likely US because the event takes place in America.


Greenalink commented on Guide: How To Capture Video And Screenshots Fr...:

Got one of these for a year and even used it for the speed running marathon : Awesome Games Done Quick 2013.

You should note that the Capture Add-on for the regular 3DS has a small sacrifice... you can't use the Circle Pad Pro (CPP), unless someone out there is good enough to make a custom CPP case.



Greenalink commented on There's a Shiny New StreetPass Mii Plaza Updat...:

The previous update actually removed the grand total counter of the puzzle piece by accident.
This patch may have just added that feature back in. I'll post some direct feed screenshots of it both before and after the update.



Greenalink commented on Video: Check Out the Masters Final From the 20...:

Getting a shiny easily is only possible if you know both the Trainer's ID and the Secret ID. Getting 31 IVs (or a few 30s for a certain Hidden Power type) and nature isn't that hard to achieve on Black/White.

RNG Egg Breeding IVs (Shiny Deino timid with 31 IVs and knows Dark Pulse)

Getting a Flawless Genesect, Hasty with 31 IVs on White 2 - only took 2 attempts.



Greenalink commented on Weirdness: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Tim...:

There isn't any 'good' glitches that is exclusive to the iQue. All of the tricks you see on that video can be done on N64, GC and Wii VC. 3DS is completely different.

There is at least one bad glitch that occurs more often on iQue than any other version.
Hyrule Field glitch is one of them and it prevents Link from shooting any arrows from his bow despite having some spare arrows left.



Greenalink commented on Review: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (3DS):

Not counting the touch screen shortcuts but does it feature input shortcuts to execute harder moves much more easily?
Fei Long's Flame Kick
Normal Input: Back -> Down -> Down+Back + K
Shortcut Input: Back->Toward->Back + K



Greenalink commented on Super Mario 64 is a 5-Minute Adventure With th...:

Just glitching Golgo, cheating is when you use an AR or Gameshark which the run never uses ;)

1upSuper, your comments are great.

Useful links for those not familar to TASes.

How Mario 64 TASes (like the video on here) are made

TASVideos - When human skills are just not enough! (Official promo vid to the site)

DS Brain Age Stupid Math TAS by Ryuto

  • The S in TAS can also mean "Tool Assisted Superplay" where the run puts more focus on entertainment rather than just pure speed.


Greenalink commented on Super Mario 64 is a 5-Minute Adventure With th...:

"It even lists the new tools used on the site..... less tools or a shorter time?"

Are you refering to new tricks like Pause BLJ or actual tools like Lua Scripts, input plugins, frame advance, save states?

"Arguably, this game could probably be done in four minutes or less if someone amped up the amount of tools used,"

The problem now is that they tried and failed to get into the Basement before Bowser in the Dark World, and glitching through the upper floor doesn't load up properly (you need a key and unlock it to load up the section properly). If you ignore Peach's cutscene at the start, the gameplay itself is under 5 minutes long.

It would be a milestone if sub 4 minutes is possible.

Edit: @ Link-Hero

"Have you ever seen any world records with people who used any of the methods above to reach that goal? No, you don't."

Ever bought the Guiness Book of World Records Gamer Edition? They mention some glitched runs like Diablo in 3 minutes and Final Fantasy Tactics.



Greenalink commented on Super Mario 64 is a 5-Minute Adventure With th...:

@ zss_shadow

That one is nearly 3 years old and is nearly 40 seconds slower than the current run.

For those people saying:
"Get a life"

“Why would you waste your time on a glitched speedrun/speedrunning in general?” –
Why would you waste your time on anything in your life? In many ways, speedrunning is similar to playing the piano: you keep practicing and practicing until you can finally produce something enjoyable (a quick video or music). With piano playing, however, it is very unlikely that you will ever be the best. But it is very possible, with enough practice and determination, to be the best at (tool assisted) speedrunning a certain game. Part of getting the fastest time is glitching, route planning and optimisation. Furthermore, judging by ratings, people who watch speedrun videos will on average prefer glitching to standard routes. Perhaps starting a charity to cure AIDS in Africa would be a more productive use of your time. But as far as personal hobbies go, (tool assisted) speedrunning is a great way to set goals and accomplish them and get a fair amount of Internet prominence for your activities. It is not for everyone, but it is not a waste of time any more than playing an instrument without extreme levels of talent.



Greenalink commented on Volleyball:

Woah, I'm not against the bad review but around 3 years ago when they Nintendo were celebrating 20 years of the NES console, Nintendo Official Magazine (old version, not the new style now a days) had given out free CDs to show the 50 Greatest NES games.

It had this (Volleyball) on the list and also Urban Champion, at least it didn't had Donkey Kong Jr. Math.
Again I've never played this game so it's hard for me to say (other than it doesn't have much value).