Nintendo Download: 17th & 18th August (Japan)

A break for the Virtual Console and a mini-update for the DSi next week in Japan

All good things must come to an end - weekly Virtual Console releases in Japan, for example. Ah well, it's summer, so people should be playing outside anyway!


Item Sagashi ★ Yōsei to Fushigi no Tō (500pts - Ateam Inc.) -- More party games centred around finding objects from the folks who last brought us "Aha! I Found It!" Hidden Object Game - not sure how many people were hoping to find another one, but here it is!


Knockout Peoples (500pts. - Barnhouse Effect Co., Ltd.) -- We're not sure what to think about this game, which is definitely one of the odder ones in the DSi Shop we've seen. It's a darkly comic choose-your-own-adventure game about a pig who's something of a bother. Depending on what actions you choose for him the pig will be killed in various ways (presumably by the other anthropomorphic animals he's annoyed) - say with a knife in the back? Your goal appears to be able to get him through his adventure alive. It's got a CERO rating of "B," so definitely not for the kiddies despite the cute art style.

Soul of Darkness (800pts - Gameloft) -- The Castlevania knock-off finally hits Japan. Despite the 300-points added on to the Japanese price (typical of Gameloft games) it's probably still worth checking out. Read our Soul of Darkness review to find out why!

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