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GameShastra to Support WiiWare

Posted by James Newton

Two new titles on the way!

You may not have heard of them, but GameShastra are apparently India's largest games services company, and they've recently revealed a list of upcoming titles including two new releases for WiiWare. Here's the announcement in their own words:

India's largest games services company [I told you so! - Editor] has today revealed its forthcoming line-up for PSP Go, WiiWare, PC and Mac. Over the next few months, 12 new titles will be released across the various formats - to complement the two already published - as the company completes its move from independent developer to publisher.

Among the games scheduled to be published for PSP by GameShastra include DEFLECTOR, CRIME SPREE, BEE WARS, ROUTE 66, PACHISI, TIGER TROUBLE, TUMBLE BUGS 2 [also on WiiWare] and FLICK SPORTS FISHING - all due for release between now and the end of the year. They'll be joining D-CUBE PLANET and CIRCLES, GameShastra's two other PSP Go games currently available in the PlayStation Store.

In addition to the eight new titles above, next March will see the release of ARCADE HOOPS and WORLD CUP TABLE TENNIS, also on the PlayStation Store.

Cricket comes to WiiWare in early 2010 in the form of BALLE BAAZ, a thrilling simulation of one of the world's most popular sports. Rounding out the 12-game line-up is TAJ MAHAL, a casual hidden object game for PC and MAC set within the confines of one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World - available in January.

"This is an exciting time in the evolution of GameShastra," says Prakash Ahuja, CEO, GameShastra, Inc. "The move into self-publishing is a logical step for us, and we're already working with some significant players in the games industry to bring a host of original and licensed titles across multiple formats. 2010 will see GameShastra become one of the most significant publishers in the business, and we can't wait to enter what will undoubtedly be the biggest period in the firm's history."

Considering the number of emails we still receive here about Ashes Cricket 2009, the announcement of a downloadable cricket game available in all territories worldwide is a welcome move that should save many, many man hours here at Nintendo Life Towers. Huzzah!


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Please, make the cricket wiiware game good please (I make this plea as a Brit of Indian origin btw ).

I can't see it being decent enough without wiimotionplus though having played the sport a lot personally; and considering how Ashes cricket turned out.



Fuzzy said:

Do you really get that many emails about Ashes Cricket? I does seem like a game with a lot of potential on the Wii.



Tsuchinoko said:

i thought they were being sarcastic. GameShastra seem really optimistic though, and I'm all for companies from other countries reaching higher levels of success, but they really should give us more details about these games in the press releases. Especially since one of them is supposed to be coming out this month.



Flaviohmg said:

Brazilian's games companies should do the same :/ none of them are on wiiware bah



Larkin said:

I'm a bit suspicous the way all there titles are in capital letters...



motang said:

Cricket, dang I have played that in ages. I was watch quite a few games when I was in India earlier this year. I wonder how good their games are?

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