Job Island's Stranger Side

Ever wanted to have Master Higgins's job? Now you can!

As you might know, Master Higgins (Takahashi Meijin) is Hudson's number one PR guy. Long ago he was able to hit a button 16 times a second, which propelled him into Japanese stardom.

In the recently released Wii game Job Island: Hard Working People (Known as 'Help Wanted' in North America) you can take on a variety of jobs, such as farmer, dancer, bodyguard, doctor and more. Of course Hudson has also included a crazier job, you can attempt to become the new Master Higgins! And what better way to do this than with a button mashing contest using Hudson's famous Shooting Watch:

It'll probably take you quite a bit of practice to be just as good as the real deal, but at least you can steal his job now!

If you want to know a bit more about Master Higgins, we recently conducted an interview with him about the upcoming Adventure Island: The Beginning game over at WiiWare World.