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Job Island: Hard Working People allows players to choose from completing over fifty odd jobs. The jobs included in this new batch of screens include Security Guard, Sushi Chef, Plane Cleaner, Haunted House Monster, Bodybuilder, and Sumo Referee, to name just a few. The game includes multiple difficulty levels that change up the gameplay elements and a multiplayer feature that allows for head-to-head play on up to fifteen different jobs.

After completing each job, players can then shop for fun and unique items using the money they've earned from their daily grind. In addition, gamers can also buy special defensive goods that will help to save the planet or delay it's extinction from a meteor. After making purchases, players can also add keepsakes to their displayable collections in the collector's room.

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Posted by Greg Kidner

In the words of Sir Alan, You're hired!

After Hudson’s relative success with Sports Island, last June, comes the first of two new titles; Job Island: Hard Working People and Sports Island 2. Job Island (aka Help Wanted) has to be one of the most bizarre ideas for a mini-games title yet,...

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Game Play Trailer - Job Island

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Hudson has just released the official game play trailer for their brand new Wii release Job Island. You can check out the official game play trailer below. Job Island has already been released in Japan and Europe, but North American gamers will have to wait until May 13th to get their hands on the game. It's turning out to be an interesting title..

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As you might know, Master Higgins (Takahashi Meijin) is Hudson's number one PR guy. Long ago he was able to hit a button 16 times a second, which propelled him into Japanese stardom. In the recently released Wii game Job Island: Hard Working People (Known as 'Help Wanted' in North America) you can take on a variety of jobs, such as farmer,..

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Here's the official Job Island game play trailer from Hudson.

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm gonna paraphrase a certain scene in this game:
"We're not gonna make it!"
"Oh sorry, the countdown timer was a bit off. We have more time than I thought." XD

Interesting storyline but I'm wondering if the mini-games are actually enjoyable.

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