MadWorld gear available in the UK

SEGA announce that you'll be able to get your hands on some niffty MadWorld goodies here in the UK.

We know how you guys love our merchandise, so allow me to present to you some nice bits of MADWORLD merch that are available when you pre-order the game at various outlets in the UK.

If you pre-order MADWORLD at HMV you can get the soundtrack CD for free. This is a 20-track CD full of kick-ass beats and pumpin tooonez. I’m sooo down with the kids me! (AAUK: …)

If wearable merch is more your thing (it is mine), then you can get this cool t-shirt from Gamestation when you pre-order MADWORLD from there.

You can get a different design when you pre-order MADWORLD from Game. These pre-order goodies are, I’ve been told, available both off and online. Which one are you going to go for?

The game is still planned for a March release in the UK and early March US, get those pre-orders in!