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SEGA To Publish The Conduit?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Leaked press memo suggests that SEGA will be confirmed as the publisher for High Voltage Software's Wii FPS, The Conduit.

Whilst the rumours have been flying all week we've received word that SEGA should very shortly be confirmed as the publisher for this hot looking (potentially) Wii game, developed by High Voltage Software.

The game has received alot of attention since it's first unveiling, partly because it's a game to cater for the "hardcore" and partly because it claims to make the 'most' of what the Wii hardware has to offer.

The press release that suggested SEGA were indeed to publish the game has promptly been removed from view which means one of two things, you can guess which we're hoping for.

More as and when it happens.

Update: It's true, SEGA Officially Publishing The Conduit.

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Damo said:

This could be interesting. It's good to see Sega is keeping its eye out for decent games to publish.



Wiiloveit said:

Providing the game really is good, i hope sega do publish it because then it should get the marketing that it deserves (here's looking at you, DISASTER)



antdickens said:

Yeah, I'm still not sure its gonna be any good... we had the same kinda hype around Red Steel, Ubi did all the right things marketing wise (lots of nice renders etc) and the game turned out pants. I hope that doesn't happen here.



Wiiloveit said:

The only good thing about RS was the (limited) multiplayer where you dress up as the dinosaur.



ReInstall said:

From the videos i've seen of it, The Conduit looks like it's a Metroid Prime and Medal of Honour beater in terms of Wii controls.

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