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Wii - TOO Popular?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

According to the BBC, Nintendo UK are considering putting a halt on advertising for Wii this Christmas season, because of its struggle to keep up with demand.

Nintendo is considering pulling UK television advertising for its popular Wii console in the run up to Christmas because it is battling to meet demand. It said that holding back adverts until 2008 would be a "responsible" move.

It now expects to have sold 17.5 million of the consoles worldwide in the year to March 2008 - up from the 14 million it had earlier forecast.

Not really a surprise, you can understand Nintendo's position with the console being so popular world wide, supplying all regions with enough consoles is a very difficult task. But not even advertising the Wii this Christmas, would it actually hurt the brand over here and add to the disappointment?

Let's hope this shortage doesn't continue far into 2008.


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Damo said:

It amazes me that Nintendo can't keep up with demand, the Wii isn't as expensive to produce as the 360 and the PS3 so you have thought they would have ramped up production coming up to Christmas. Unless they weren't 100% sure themselves that it would sell out? Whatever the reason, there's going to be a lot of annoyed kids out there come Christmas morning. Pulling the advertising isn't the best idea in the world IMO, even if people can't buy the machines there's no reason for pulling ads for games, is there?



antdickens said:

Yeah, I think its a pretty honest thing.. they didn't expect this kind of demand for the console (no-one did) its not just a case of adding more staff into the factory, its the actual machines that make the damn thing that need building!

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