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E3 2007: Endless Ocean

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Another new Nintendo title, this time for Wii, Endless Ocean wasn't really mentioned at E3, but Nintendo provided us with assets anyway.

It seems to be an ocean exploration game, there isn't any other way to explain it!

Check out this intriguing video:

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get2sammyb said:

Graphically its looking very poor just now. There has to be more to this game than exploration?



RED said:

ok the Wii isn't a patch on 360/PS3 gfx but what screens are you looking at...?!



Masterless said:

I thought it looked quite nice. I don't see it selling well at all though; to me it just seems like an interactive screen saver. Which is nice and all but the point of a screen saver is that it is there when you aren't using or even looking at the screen.
Hopefully we will hear a little more about it which explains some deeper functionality.

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