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Wii + Dr. Pepper = £££

Posted by Sammy Barker

Can you honestly think of anything better than Dr. Pepper and Nintendo Wii? Ok, so it could be Pepsi Max but seriously it's a pretty good combination.

The Nintendo Wii will be promoted on 182 million packs of Fanta, Sprite and Dr. Pepper thanks to a marketing partnership with soft drink monsters Coca-Cola. The campaign is set to run across TV and other media for around a month and is sure to help push Nintendo's console further into the mainstream.

The promotion will include ten 'ultimate Wii games rooms' will be given away every day, which include a Wii, Samsung LCD TV, mini fridge and a case of Sprite, Fanta and Dr. Pepper.

“It is a classic on-pack promotion,” Nintendo UK marketing director Dawn Paine told MCV. “There will be a website and a very heavy TV advertising campaign, which will run on terrestrial channels. There’s going to be over a million pounds of investment.”

It's so refreshing to see the Wii getting that real push it deserves, something past Nintendo consoles have really lacked.

Look out for the adverts soon.


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Damo said:

How ironic that the Wii - currently famed for promoting 'healthy gaming' - should be lumped with such an unhealthy drink.



Masterless said:

True, aren't there laws that stop unhealthy products being promoted to children?
Woah, when did I become such an adult!?

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