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US VC releases - 26th February - Ocarina of Time

Posted by Damien McFerran

Only one release this week for the US Virtual Console - but it's a biggie. We all thought that it might be Zelda: Ocarina of Time as it was made available for Euro Wii owners last week and we were not dissapointed:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time inspired millions of players around the world with its in-depth game play, rich 3-D visuals and memorable adventures. It set the standard by which all other games have been judged. And now it?s available once again, both for veteran gamers to relive their gaming glory days and for younger players to discover it for the first time.

Check out our review of Ocarina of time on the Virtual Console

Also rolling in with no announcement whatsoever from Nintendo (thanks guys!) is a classic Turbografx puzzle game and Genesis shoot-em-up:

Chew Man Fu - TurboGrafx-16 review

Bio-Hazard Battle - Genesis review

Thanks for everyone who left comments telling us that the other 2 were up on the Wii Shop. Typically this it seems lots of users were connecting to the Wii Shop to download Zelda as we couldn't connect to verify this right away!

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Eric42 said:

A message on the forum says Chew Man Fu and Bio Hazard is also coming out today. There's an hour yet before we know, but the websites for Hudson and Sega both comfirm this (well, I know that Sega's website has been wrong in the past, but still...)



Dazza said:

Thanks to the many readers who left comments to say we hadn't added Chew Man Fu and Bio-Hazard battle! We've only posted Eric's comment as he got in there first.... we were just waiting to verify this on our Wii but couldn't connect due to server errors! (probably everybody downloading Zelda!!)

We had wanted to spare getting reader's hopes up as Chew Man Fu was supposed to be out in the EU last Friday but mysteriously did not turn up as originally thought!



streets of rage is out friday in UK. YAY its 1991 again. Anyway if i had a wii i would not download it as im one of those jammy soles who has the japanese gamecube version of Sonic Gems collection that contains all 3 streets of rage games in 60hz uncut.

__The Pirate of Men's Pants


The Pirate of Men's Pants said:

Arrr, you sound like a canny lass Jade, SoR is a personal fave of mine too, you can be Blaze, I'll be Axel and we'll do that double team special move if ya like. Yo ho ho!



JNoodles said:

Streets of Rage, pretty good. But, Street Fighter > Streets of Rage. Only by a little bit. ;D Not like anybody looks in this article anymore.

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