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The First Wii-Chargeable Wiimote Battery

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

Thats right folks, the Wii is getting a rechargeable battery pack (currently only for Japan mind you).

The pack is manufactured by a Japanese company called Thanko and is due for release there soon. Currently there no news on a release anywhere else.

Thanko's lithium-ion battery and USB charge cradle, which can draw power from one of the Wii's USB ports, are retailing in Japan at ¥3,480 (US$29) per set or at the slightly discounted rate of ¥6,480 (US$54) for two sets. A three-and-a-half hour charge will, according to Thanko's press release, keep a Wii Remote powered for 25 hours.

Most likely we will be seeing a series of these chargers pop up over the next few months. No one likes having to replace batteries, what were you thinking Nintendo?


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Masterless said:

There will be some around that won't have to be imported soon so I would wait for them. MadCatz or some wellknown brand will no doubt be finishing one now.



RED said:

as far as i'm aware there's a Joyttech one coming soon also... sometime in March apparently

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