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Is There A New Wii On The Way?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan seems to think so according to one of her responses to a Game Daily interview.

When asked if the Wii would see a relaunch similar to the DS or GBA he said:

Sure, absolutely. You'll see the ways in which we do that.

The response is overwhelmingly definitive yet it is not yet clear in what context the console will be relaunched. There has been talk of DVD compatible Wii's and there is always the possibility of a hard drive.

We'll keep you informed.


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Dazza said:

Kaplan also thought the Wii was gonna be region free and is often ill informed about lots of things. She's just a typical marketing type, hype, hype, hype over substance. Despite initial appearances she is strangely sexy though. I feel so ashamed! lol



get2sammyb said:

Nah - she looks too much like a news reporter.

And yeah this is definitely hype. I mean - she could easily be talking about different colours here.



RED said:

damn... an excuse for me to buy a second one at last! lol



Damo said:

LOL @ AllYourBase - she's a borderline boiler and no mistake!

I'm a big fan of the DS Lite but I think Nintendo's policy of launching hardware updates is a bad idea. It's a very obvious attempt to make more money out of fans, you'll notice that they never re-launched the Cube, probably because it wasn't successful enough to do so! I say keep the Wii as it is, there's a shortage of the bloody things anyway so it's far too early to be speaking about updates.

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