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Shoe Your Love For Nintendo

Posted by Anthony Dickens

You aint got style till you've got Nintendo shoes, no, we're serious - Nintendo shoes!

Nintendo fanboys rejoice as Kotaku discover a new product hits the shelves.

"Ok, I'm right on the line with these. I love the shoes, can't get enough of the gaming shoes, but the baby blue color and hardcore Nintendo fanboyism of these sneaks leave me a little hesitant to buy.

On the flipside, these particular shoes have translucent soles that give you a peak at a gel-obscured Yoshi on one foot and a yellow-cape wearing Mario from Super Mario World on the other. Maybe they'll come out with a nice black or grey version of these."


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Masterless said:

It needs a massive Mario face on them. If I going to go out and buy Nintendo! trainers I would only go the whole way and be proud in my geekware. So half-arsed clothing for me.

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