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Game Head Reveal SSX Blur

Posted by Anthony Dickens

As promised, Reggie appears on Spike TV's "Game Head" show to help unveil the next SSX title from EA.

You may remember last week we heard that Reggie was to appear on Game Head, not to disappoint our main man was there with some random presenter that was extremely excited to show him the first footage of Electronic Arts latest snowboarding game, SSX Blur.

This will be the 5th game in the SSX series, alot of the nlife staff really hope that this one lives up to the previous games where SSX 4 didn't quite reach. We'll be looking forward to further developments over the next few months. First impressions are pretty decent, remember this will be controlled using the Wiimote, looks nice and smooth to me.

Check out the video from YouTube:

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Nanaki said:

I hope they get rid of custom characters and bring back the old cast. SSX 1-3 were awsome games because of the character personalities and interactions.

I don't have high hopes for the franchise, but it would be awsome to see them top SSX3 in terms of greatness.

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