There is very little doubt that The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess is the most anticipated launch title on Nintendo's upcoming mystery box, and perhaps the most anticipated launch title ever. And therefore it has also been one of the most hyped up and remarked games in media the last year. It seems like everyone is waiting for this game. But hey, can we blame them? It isn't every day a new Zelda game is launching.

Consequently we are thrilled each time we receive news on this jewel stone of Wii's game selection, and such news just happened to appear on the Internet today. Being interviewed by Gamepro, the man whose given name has occurred on many front pages before said the following when asked what sorts of online features he was looking forward to:

Downloadable content, such as additional levels.

However to the question if he'd heard any plans for any type of post-release online component for Twilight Princess, he responded:

I haven't heard of anything yet. I think everyone is still busy trying to make sure the game gets out correctly.

So basically this probably means that sometime in the future we're getting downloadable content, but as for now, Nintendo apparently haven't started to make any.

Harrison also said the the game will be around 70 hours long, which is significantly longer than Windwaker. And should be long enough to keep most people busy for a while, whether we'll get to download new levels or not.