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The Cost Of Wii Points

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

Nintendo have announced that 2,000 Wii points will set Americans back $20 and Europeans £14 (€20).

So lets break down the cost for each Virtual Console title:

  • NES Games (500 Points) - $5 | £3.50 | €5
  • SNES Games (700 Points) - $7 | £4.90 | €7
  • N64 Games (1,000 Points) - $10 | £7 | €10

Admittedly that is a tad pricey as you can pick up the original physical copies for pretty much the same price. But it sure will be great to have all these classic titles on one machine.

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The_Stig said:

Whats do points make? prizes!!!!!

P.s seriously, what can you do with these points, i never bothered with the ones I got from Gamecube cos it was too much effort just to get a tea coaster :/



Gazi said:

You buy virtual Console games, and other software products with them.

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