Square-Enix, with it's extremely popular Final Fantasy series, has grown to be one of the main developers and publishers in the gaming industry, and with games like Final Fantasy III for the DS, and Dragon Quest Swords and Final Fantasy Crystal chronicles for the Wii, we can only assume that the Japanese company loves Nintendo, which is great for us, because than we get lots of quality games on our favorite consoles.

According to famous magazine Famitsu, another Square-Enix title is being developed for the Nintendo DS, and it's called Heroes of Mana. The game will feature an interesting mix between RPG and RTS elements, but we don't know exactly how this will work yet.

Obviously, the game will be based on the previous games in the Mana series, with the fast-paced action-based battle system, as opposed to the traditional turn-based style used in most of Squenix's games. The franchise started out as a spin off to the Final Fantasy games, and like it's predecessors, Heroes of Mana will feature several known characters from the world of Midgar.

[via cubed3.com]