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Why The DS Beat The PSP

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Life In Tech blogger analyzes the success of the DS compared to its flashy brother, the PSP.

The article posted last week tells the tale of a simple gamer, whom bought both DS and PSP and how his thoughts about the subject when from:

"When I was looking for a portable gaming system the Nintendo DS was out of the question; It was a kid's toy and nothing more."

All the way to:

Now, nearly nine months later, I've found that I never (I mean never) play my PSP. The DS became my handheld of choice.

The author talks about a lot of aspects of both consoles, covering such topics as Price, Innovation, Loading Times and Media Format. All of these findings are then neatly wrapped into his final thoughts.

If your interested in why the ugly DS has out sold the pretty PSP at almost 2:1, check out the entire article.


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Nanaki said:

I was going to get round to getting a PSP, but I always end up getting more DS games.

Nintendo will always top the handhelds.



antdickens said:

Personally I've got nothing against PSP, but the DS is so much more appealing as my handheld gaming is somewhat casual.

I don't really wanna sit and play a lengthy adventure game or something on such a small screen. The DS works so well because of its smaller applications that are just great FUN

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