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Nintendo Wii For $170?

Posted by Aleksander Aasnes

According to Nikko Citigroup, the Nintendo Wii could be available at launch for only $170, which is less than most people expected.

Tokyo-based Nikko Citigroup has said that the Wii could cost around 19,800 yen, which would be around $170 with current exchange rates, however, the consoles price tag will probably be around $200 when it launches in the US.

Nikko Citigroup has earlier stated that the Wii would cost around 25.000 Yen, but they now think that Nintendo will be able procure the Wii's CPU for less than expected.

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antdickens said:

That'd be sweet if it does, but its more that likely the $170 will be in actual terms around $199, but thats still damn cheap!

Nintendo could really hurt Sony if thats the case.



Masterless said:

I think most gamers would buy one for a lot more than that, but if it is that cheap it will be all not most. Maybe not at launch but somewhere down the line.
I'm tight, but I can't complain at the price.

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