According to Rising Star Games "The New Zealand Story" is one of the most distinctive and original platform games of the 1980s. The game comes as part of the firm’s Revolution series of updates to classic videogames for the Nintendo DS.

"New Zealand Story Revolution will be an accurate re-telling of the timeless 1988 original. Starring Tiki, a plucky Kiwi bird, the gameplay revolves around him rescuing his kidnapped friends from the clutches of a nefarious leopard seal. The setting for each of the game’s levels will remain untouched although the layouts will be remixed and re-jigged to provide fresh challenges. Graphically, the game will benefit from an overhaul that updates New Zealand Story’s visuals whilst retaining the clean lines of its arcade ancestor."

Personally, I don't remember this series, but I'm sure some gamers did! We'll be looking out for it when its released later this year.

[via risingstargames.com]