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News: New New Zealand Story

New New Zealand Story

Rising Star Games have announced the revival of 80s game series New Zealand Story onto the DS

According to Rising Star Games "The New Zealand Story" is one of the most distinctive and original platform games of the 1980s. The game comes as part of the firm’s Revolution series of updates to classic videogames for the Nintendo DS. "New Zealand Story Revolution will be an accurate re-telling of..

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Chungii_V said:

I have always been a bit suss on this Kiwi game with no sheep???.......

ANYWAY, I'll be getting this one as I used to spend hours on a mates parents PC playing the original. Strangely addictive platformer.



Gnoll said:

Just got it at 8€... my C64-dominated infancy is coming back...



Gnoll said:

Also: this is the first time I find a game you have not reviewed: GOTCHA!!!

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