What was originally seen as abit of a risky idea for Nintendo, the DS system has surpassed all analysts expectations and still seems to be selling as strong as ever.

Nintendo delivers on its promise to bring video gaming to the masses. In less than two years since its Nov. 21, 2004 launch, Nintendo has sold more than 21 million Nintendo DS™ systems worldwide. By comparison, Apple® shipped one million of its ever-popular iPod® music players in its first 19 months. The rate of Nintendo DS units being sold equates to 23 systems per minute – that's nearly one every two seconds – non-stop since launch."

One sale every two seconds?! Miyamoto-san must be loving it! Considering that Sony's infamous PlayStation brand also entered the arena, DS has really stole the show in Japan and abroad.

The concept behind the DS was revolutionary, something very different from what the games industry had seen before. Could this be the forecast for Nintendo's next large investment, Wii. Time will tell.

[via nintendo.com]